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the life of a toddler

19 Aug

Me: Hey ladies (to Mom, Dad and Hudson), you wanna play with me?

Me: Momma, you are a beautiful princess
Mom: Thanks Bug, you are a beautiful princess too
Me: No, I am a big girl Jenkinson
Dad: Kyler, do you think Daddy’s pretty too?
Me: Nooo, you are a big girl Jenkinson too

Me: I want a piece of banana
Mom: Okay (breaks off piece of banana)
Me (hysterically crying): Noooooo I want the banana
Mom: You said you wanted a piece!
Me: I need to fix it (tries to to it back together)

Me: You wanna go swim with me?

Me: I wanna cuddle with my Ammo bud

Me (while holding my mirror flash card): Hudson, you see Hudson and Kyler in the mirror?

Me: Daddy, the show is about to start!

Dad: What show?
Me (shakes Dad’s hand): Nice to meet you, the show is about to start (end with a bow)

Repeat this for 3 minutes

Me: I need to rock Hudson

Dad: Okay, Kyler, now go get your shorts and put them away

the life of a toddler

28 Jul

the life of a toddler is a new blog series in the words of Kyler (for the most part). It’s just a fun way to document what she is up to 🙂

Quotes of the week:

Me: Daddy, I want two cookie fish
Dad: Okay, here are two cookie fish
Me: I don’t want cookie fish!!!!!!

Mom: Should we go to Disney soon because you have been a good girl and going potty?
Me: Yeah I go to Disney World because I all dry all day and go potty all by myself!!!!!!

I love bubble baths, andddd Ammo, anddd Caya, anddd Maggie, anddd um swimming, anddd my park, anddd Mommy, anddd Daddy, anddd Hudson, anddd bubble baths, anddd Disney World, anddd…

a life of a toddler is a new blog series in the words of Kyler (for the most part). Just a fun way to document what the crazy girl is up to 🙂

Quotes of the week:

Mom: Kyler, did you have an accident at school today?
Me: Um, yeah
Mom: Why did you go pee in your pants? Why didn’t you tell your teachers you had to go?
Me: Um because….You see the birdies?
Mom: Kyler, why did you go pee in your pants?
Me: Stop talking Mommy, shhhh

Mom: Hey pumpkin!
Me: Am I your pumpkin?
Mom: Yep, you’re my pumpkin
Me: Daddy, I’m Mommy’s pumpkin!

Me: Claire took my hair out
Mom: Kyler, do you let the kids at school push you around?
Me: Nope
Dad: You are’t a bully are you?
Me: No, I’m stinky. I have stinky feet

 Photos taken by Mommy:

Kyler’s a big girl!

I go super duper high!!!

My best friend Kenley

Look at the the airplane

Mom: Kyler, let’s go put your shoes on
Me: Okay, Mommy

Cheeeseeeeeee….Hudson’s too big

Mommy, I’m walking here!

Kyler: 2.5 Years Old

26 Jul

Today, my sweet and crazy girl is 2.5 years old!  She is starting to seem less and less like a little toddler and more and more like a little girl. We have full on conversations at times and she is starting to help out around the house (SCORE!).  Every night at dinner I asked her what she did at school/Grandma’s and she tells me what she did and who she played with. It’s really cute. Lately, I have been asking her to help me with some small things like letting the dogs outside, letting them back in (which is so funny because she yells for them and they don’t listen), getting something off the table for me or putting her dirty dishes in the sink. It sure helps when I have my hands tied with her baby brother!

She loves to sing her songs, dance, do her ABC’s and can even spell her name now (and recognized it when it’s spelled out!), and counts t0 20. She is one smart cookie. For quite a while she went on a boycott and wouldn’t let us read to her but she has finally stopped that and we are reading again! Kyler has gotten much better about dinner time. We still have our struggles, however, it is much better than it used to be.

Bedtime is the pain right now. She tries to find every excuse to delay bedtime. Potty Training is not helping. As of this week, we are trying the “ignoring her once she is in bed” approach and I have to be honest, it is so hard. It’s hard when you hear her sweet voice asking you to cuddle but that is all part of her ploy. Once she has you you aren’t getting away. My mom even mentioned that although I was pretty slick as a kid she has me beat. The kids pediatrician asked me how Potty Training was going and I was going over some things and she laughed and kept repeating how I am in trouble and she is going to give me a hard time when she is older. Gotta love that independent streak.

Kyler is quite the little fishy if you haven’t noticed. She is swims SO well and LOVES the water. ISR was such a great decision and I feel so comfortable with her in the water.

She has quite the personality if you haven’t noticed already. She is super goofy and silly which makes for some funny times around our house. If you didn’t see, last week I started a new blog series called a life of a toddler and I will post those goofy things she says on there.

She is definitely slimming out. She is still wearing 2T (going on 1.5 years now) and some 3T things. I honestly think some things that used to be tight on her are acutally getting a little loose as her baby belly is going away. It’s like her feet stopped growing too. She is still wearing size 7’s.

Things she loves:

Movies, Disney, lions, puzzles, princesses, books, Hudson, airplanes, her park, swimming, ice cream, Pirate Booty, yogurt, grapes, applesauce, chicken

Kyler, happy 2 1/2 years old! Can’t believe you are this old already! We love you and watching you grow 🙂

Kyler & Hudson’s Baptism

10 Jun

This past week, Kyler and Hudson were baptized at home. We don’t belong to a church right now, however, we still wanted the kids to be baptized. About a year ago I contacted the gentleman that married Chris and I and asked if they did baptisms and I was thrilled to find out they did. We were going to set it up but then I became pregnant with Hudson so we decided to wait until he was born. The perfect time to do it was when Chris’s family was in town visiting. We kept it small and simple and it was great!

Kyler and her cousin Matt

The grandparents and Aunt Jenn and cousin Matt

Nana and Peepaw

Grandma and Poppa

Jenn and the kids

Sweet Kyler

Chris and I

After the baptism, Chris and I made a nice dinner for everyone and enjoyed the evening. We are so blessed to have two beautiful and happy children and we thank God each and every day that He brought them into our lives.

A Little Girl’s Room: Coral and Aqua

3 Mar

When it came time to turning Kyler’s room into a “big girl” room, I knew I wanted to stick with the same color scheme as her nursery. I still love Coral and Aqua/Teal together and I didn’t want to have to get all new decor for it.

While it’s been a work in progress for sometime, I am excited to say, it’s finished (finally).

I used a combination of decor from her old room, birthday party decorations (hey, they were too cute to throw away), and some new things. Put that together with a refinished bed/dresser, homemade nightstand, and a bookcase from Ikea, and this is what you get! Hope you like it!

One Year

22 Feb

It’s been one year.

There is still not a day that goes by where I don’t think about him, what happened, what should be, and what the reality really is. It’s not an easier today than it was a year ago, I have just learned to cope with it.

Craig, we all miss you and love you. More than anything, I wish Kyler could meet you now and get to know you. I wish you could meet Hudson. Every time I think about my kids not knowing their Uncle Craig it feels like a kick in the gut over and over.I know you are watching down over all of us and we will all be together soon. Until then, God Bless my larger than life brother. May you rest in peace.

Craig Thomas Drabyk
March 23, 1975 – February 22, 2013

A Mermaid Tale: 2nd Birthday Party

31 Jan

Kyler picked a mermaid theme for her 2nd birthday. At first, I wasn’t sure since it can be similar to a nautical theme and if you recall, we did that last year. But if that is what she wants, that is what she gets 🙂


Fish Net/Balloons/Paper Lanterns/Seaweed Streamers

Gift Area


Anywhere Chair/Streamers/Pearl Beads


  Wrapping paper/Cricut cut-outs


Jelly Fish Lanterns (tutorial here)/Paper Mache letters/Conch shells from our trip to Turks and Caicos/Borrowed Starfish

Apothecary jar with sand, letter, starfish and shells

Fishbowl vase with sand and shells

Cricut cut-outs

Flowers in mason jar wrapped in burlap with shells glued to it


Decorate your own treasure chest with markers and foam stickers

After you decorate, fill up your chest for a take home favor!

Food Table

Crab legs- carrot sticks/Sea Cucumbers- cucumbers with ranch dip

Seaweed Dip- Spinach dip

Lemonade (tinted with Powerade Berry drops) & Fruit Punch (White Cran Strawberry Juice, Club Soda, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine, and fresh fruit)

Seashell Pasta- Pasta Salad


Sushi Rolls- Pinwheels and Pizza Roll-Ups from Publix  

Dessert Table

Cardboard cutout wrapped in burlap with shells, flowers, and pearls

Cupcakes by Sweet by Good Golly Miss Holly

Cookies made by me 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!!!

Birthday Trip to the Zoo

29 Jan

Sunday was Kyler’s actual birthday. We opted for a family day to the Tampa Lowry Zoo since Kyler LOVES her animals. We planned to be on the road at 9am and just about made that. We had to turn around (only a mile down the road) because we forgot the diaper bag. We got going again and were about 5 miles down the road when all of a sudden, Kyler got sick :/ Poor thing! She told me about 2 minutes before that her ear hurt so maybe she is coming down with something. We turned around and got her all cleaned up, waited a bit, and tried again. Kyler’s a trooper. She kept asking to see the elephants and tigers and she seemed to be fine so why not, right?

We finally made it to Tampa at 1pm and Kyler was fine. She was so excited to be there. Both sets of her grandparents were with us so it made for a really special day.

Kyler with her Poppa. She is obsessed.

Checking out the Cloud Leopard. So pretty.


Grandma and Poppa

Saying hi to these guys

Of course she has to get close as possible

Wiggle worm

With her Daddy and P-Pa

She LOVES a carousel

Happy girl

Trying to be like Daddy

Her heaven… with Poppa and P-Pa

Hi penguin!

These two are in love

Baby elephant! Only 6 months old ❤

Even though we got off to a bumpy start, it was a great day and Kyler had a lot of fun. Gotta love the zoo!

Two Years Old!

28 Jan

Well I haven’t written a monthly update about Kyler in quite some time but I figured 2 years old would be a good time to update you.

She is such a big girl now. She has her own little personality is definitely a spunky kid. She is SUPER independent and has a mind of her own. She will only do something if she wants to do it, which can make our lives interesting at time 🙂 She tells you “No, don’t want to” and good luck trying to talk her into it. She is very quick to tell us what she wants to do or eat, which again, is fun when you would really like her to eat something else 🙂 She is going through a pretty bad “I hate all food” phase (minus yogurt, applesauce, and grapes…. those she will take anytime). Typical 2 year old I guess you can say. We got some new tips from the doctor that we will start trying out so hopefully that will help.

She talks, a lot, and is so smart! She knows her ABC’s, counts to 10 and is getting better with her colors. If an animal has a certain sound they make, this kid knows it! Her favorite things right now are her stuffed animals: Star Bear, Brown Bear, Puppy, and Baby Puppy. She sleeps with all of them tucked under her arms at night and knows when one of them aren’t there. Put that with blankie, lambie and an elephant and she is surrounded! She loves rocks. She collects them outside and lines them up and counts them. She loves to sing and DANCE… still loves to dance! After she is potty trained, I am going to look into some type of dance or activity class because I think she would really like it.

Speaking of potty trained, we are about to head down that road here in the next few weeks. She is definitely ready and tells us when she needs to potty, she is just scared to do it.

Oh, have I mentioned that she gets into EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. I know most people would say this but honestly, I think she rivals most kids. She can’t just let something be. She has to touch it, get it out, try it, etc. It drives us nuts too. She has this “try me” attitude (she mayyyy have gotten that from me, oops) and tests our limits every step of the way. If we ask her “come here please” she hauls butt in the opposite direction. Ask her to leave something alone? Well she is getting to it even faster. It’s a lot of work but it keeps us on our toes.

Kyler Nicole is definitely a ham. She is shy around people she doesn’t know well or if there is a room full of people but after she warms up, she likes to show off. She is such a goof ball. She is constantly doing things that make Chris and I laugh and then says “I’m funny”.

Last but not least, she is such a sweetie!!! She will go from pushing your buttons to the sweetest thing ever in about 3 seconds. She loves hugs and kisses, tells us she misses us and loves us, and I can even get an occasional snuggle from her still. She is still great with please, thank you, you’re welcome and is now getting better with saying I’m sorry. She was telling people “no, bye-bye” if she didn’t want something but we have taught her to say “no, thank you” instead. Much better! She kisses my belly and tells her baby brother goodnight too. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Bed Time –  8pm-8:30pm
Wakes up: 7am
Naptime: 12pm-2pm
Height: Right under 35 inches, 75th percentile
Weight: 29 lbs, 75th percentile
Clothes: 2T-3T
Shoes: Size 6 although we are buying 7’s now

Kyler Nicole, you are our whole world and we love you more than anything. I hope you never change you crazy Bug!

Kyler’s Mermaid Bash!

28 Jan

For Kyler’s 2nd birthday, we went with a Mermaid theme (Kyler’s choice). We had such a good time hanging out with family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came!!!

This girl loves her Poppa

 So excited her bestie showed up!

Love this kid

We coordinated so well!

Decorating treasure chests

Couldn’t have asked for better weather!

Time for a cupcake!


 Time for presents!

 Her cousin Cole helped her with her pretties

Baby Greyson! So cute.

Kyler and her cousins ❤

 This girl is beat

 Happy Birthday Bug!

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