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See Ya 2015!

4 Jan

2015 has come and gone. For us, it was a great year. Looking back, we focused a bit more on ourselves and had SO much fun

 Catch last year’s post here !

In January, Kyler turned 3!

In February, the Patriots won the Super Bowl

In March, Kyler started soccer

And, Hudson turned 1!!

In April, Chris and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary

And, we headed to the Keys for a wedding

I got to cuddle a baby leopard… and tiger ❤

In May, Kyler got her 1st haircut

And, We went on a cruise to the Bahamas with some friends

In June, we went to the Bahamas at stayed at the Atlantis

In July, Hudson got his 1st haircut

In August, we did soccer again

And, I headed to San Francisco for work

In September, Hudson started swim lessons

In October, Chris passed his A/C license exam

And, We took an awesome week long trip up north visiting Washington DC, PA and Hershey Park, New York City and saw snow, picked apples, and lots more

In November, Kyler got glasses

And,  we went to Nashville

In December, we went back to Tennesse for a wedding, Kyler was the Flower Girl

We were BUSY this year!!! Of course not listed are the multiple trips to Disney, Sea World and Crayola Experience, holidays, time spent at the pool and with family and friends, and random fun along the way.

We are looking forward to 2016 and what it has in store for us. Here is to make resolutions and breaking them 🙂

Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015!

1 Jan

Is it really 2015???? Like no joke? I blinked and 2014 went by. So many great things happened in 2014 but obviously the best thing was our sweet Hudson was born in March. He has been the best addition to our family and we could not imagine our lives without him. Adding a 2nd kiddo to the bunch has really sped up time. We had a blast with Kyler, although she was in her terrible twos (still is). We made great memories 🙂 There were lots of Disney trips thanks to us being annual passholders, potty training failures at first but then success at last, and lots of swim time, Kyler turned into a little fish by the end of the summer! The holidays were AMAZING and we did some really fun things!

Going into 2015, I know I want to stop and enjoy life more. I know this one will be hard considering we are always on the go but when we can, I want to just sit home and relax. I don’t mean cutting out our Disney trips, new fun activities or trips back home, but I mean just slowing down where we can. Mainly I am talking about all of the errands. I need to be more strategic with my errand time we we aren’t out all day on a Saturday running from store to store. Considering we are going to be adding soccer to our Saturday mornings and possibly gymnastics to the mix, I know our time will be stretched even thinner so I really need to  get a handle on the all day errand sprees (my wallet will thank me too). Also, 2015 is the year for new clothes for Chris and I! Haha, it may sound silly but I HAVE to start spending some of the clothes money on ourselves and not so much on Kyler. Our wardrobes are in dire need!

This year will bring a lot of fun things I am looking forward too. Hudson will be 1 in March and will be moving into toddlerhood. Kyler will be 3 in a few short weeks, which she is thrilled about. As a mentioned above, she will be starting soccer and I am thinking about getting her into gymnastics which will help with all of that energy she has! Chris and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in April! Hopefully we will have more time to have date nights, especially since the kids are getting older!

How many times can I putting working out on my New Years post? Well, I must say that HAS to be the trend of 2015. Finding time to sneak in a quick 30 minute work out. I am hoping since I will stop nursing soon I can get to bed earlier which will help with my energy levels. Thankfully, the baby weight has left me but that doesn’t mean I am in the best of shape. I definitely need to work out to tone up and Chris wants to shed some weight soon so maybe we can finally come up with a system!

What are you wishing for 2015? Have a Happy New Years!

making it work

26 Nov

I am tired. ALL THE TIME. I think I have come to the conclusion that I will be tired until my kids are grown and out of the house. I hope that is not true but I am preparing myself for that. Coffee is my best friend. Kinda sad you may think but I am okay with it. I love it and it’s good to me 🙂

Here’s the deal, I am a working mom and have 2 super awesome and adorable kiddos. One of them, turning 3, is my mini me. She has great qualities that will be fantastic to have when she is older. She is very independent, strong willed, creative, stubborn, funny, etc. While that is great and all, she sure does make it hard sometimes. She is a spitfire and keeps us on our toes. We also have a little guy, about 8 months. He is completely different. He is a happy go lucky, go with the flow type of guy. THANK YOU GOD!

I don’t have a normal 9-5 job. I am in the event/sports industry which means weird and long hours and more time away from my family than I would like. I will say that I am lucky to work for an organization and boss that are flexible so while I may work long hours, it’s not as bad as it could be.

My hubby is saint (well sometimes 🙂 ) and is really Super Dad. Many times he is the one dropping the kids off and picking them up, feeding them dinner, bathing them, and putting them to bed all by himself. Honestly, if I had to do it alone as much as he does, I would probably complain a hell of a lot more. But, Chris is great with them and I am so so so fortunate for that!

For now, I am a working mom. I am not sure what the future will bring but for now, this is what we are working with. My kids go to school in the morning and we pick them up around 6pm. Ideally, if Chris could get them somewhere around 5pm that would be the best, but he has been so busy lately that it’s more like 6pm. Which sucks. I absolutely HATE picking up the kids that late. It’s dark outside and it’s dinner time. It just sucks. However, we are in a place where both of us need to work. Could we give up some things in life in order for me to stay home? Sure. However, without getting into too many details, it’s just not a feasible option for us. So, we both work. We are blessed that the kids love their school and Kyler has learned so much already. I am not complaining, I actually love working in events/sports. However, as in anything in life, there are some downfalls.

Also, just to throw it out there, I am NOT saying one is better than the other, ie staying home vs working. I think stay at home moms (or dads) are superheros and can only imagine how hard of a job that is as well. You have to do what is best for your family and only you can make that choice!

But seriously, I always thought I knew what busy was before I had kids. Then we had Kyler and wow, did my opinion on that word change. A long and tiring day at work used to be coming home and relaxing on the couch. Now, it means a long and tiring day coming home to cooking dinner, feeding the beast (aka baby Hudson), cleaning up, bathing the kids, reading them books, convincing Kyler it’s time for bed, taking her 2 more times to the potty, putting her back in bed another 4 times, going back into Hudson’s room to get him to stop crying after Kyler woke him up, keeping my fingers crossed that she stays in her bed, listening to the monitor until I hear silence, and maybe, just maybe making our way to the couch to finally sit down to watch some TV… but then of course I can’t keep my eyes open so I end up passing out until it’s time to head to bed. I ask myself all the time what will I do when they are older and we have homework and practices/games to go to? How and the hell are we supposed to find the time and energy for that? I guess we will just make it work, right?

Don’t even get me started on our weekends. I will admit this one is all my fault. I don’t like to sit around so we are constantly on the go. Disney World, playdates, birthday parties, Target, Publix, the mall, you name it! I should force myself just to stay home one weekend a month just to catch up on rest and housework…. hmmm maybe after the holidays?

So I am tired, all the time. I also fully realize that I am not one of those people that can get 5 hours of sleep each night and be okay with it. I need my sleep. I am not a morning person (no seriously, leave me alone until I have had time to get up and move around for a bit and of course, drink my coffee…. just ask Chris). I would LOVE to find the time (well really the energy) to exercise but I really don’t know when I can. Wake up earlier than I am? Not a chance. Exercise when I get off work? And make Chris do the nighttime routine with the kids by himself yet another night? Work out after the kids go to sleep? Then what time do I have with Chris? I know these are excuses and if I really wanted to, I could find time, but those are the questions I ask myself.

But oh is it worth it. All of it. I never knew how much I would change after I had kids. My life has a completely different meaning now and those 2 kiddos are my world. I will take the sleepless nights just to go in and check on my babies. To rub Hudson’s back if he is having problems sleeping. To take Kyler back to bed because she had a bad dream and give her cuddles. I will take the the busy hectic weekends because that means more quality time with my family and more time to make memories that will last a lifetime. I am okay with caffeine being my main source of energy because I’d rather be busy taking care of them than sitting on the couch. They will grow up and move out and I will wish for these moments again. We may live a crazy hectic life, but hey, we are making it work.

Hello Fall

22 Oct

Fall is my favorite season. I know that may sound silly being that I live in Florida and our Falls aren’t really traditional, however, the weather is usually gorgeous and it brings boots, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and I love all those things.

Potty Training in 168 days! When Potty Training in 3 days doesn’t work. + Giveaway!!

18 Aug

What? 168 days doesn’t sound short to you? This is my detailed story of what happens when the 3 day method doesn’t work.

I am writing this {long} post in hopes that someone may read this that is having hard time potty training their child and find some useful information out of it. As you will read below, it did not come easy for my daughter and when I went to the internet for help, I did not find a lot of helpful information.

We started this journey of potty training back in February. February 14th, Valentine’s Day to be exact. I know, what a wonderful way to spend the day of love than being 8 months pregnant and chasing your crazy off the wall toddler around the house and cleaning up her pee. Doesn’t it just sound heavenly? Oh how I was so innocently naive and blissfully unaware of how difficult this process would be. This is my story about potty training my 2.5 year old daughter. The most. stubborn, kid. ever!

Just a quick background about my sweet Kyler. She is a fun, energetic, sweet girl that also happens to be stubborn, fiercely independent, a bit of high maintenance, and too smart for her own good. Leading up to her second birthday, we started talking about the potty. We read books, watched potty songs online, let her sit on the potty if she wanted to, etc.  She was super interested and seemed ready and even peed on the potty a few times. Our son was going to be arriving in late March and we were so hoping to have only one kid in diapers. My husband and I decided to give the old potty training a go when she was almost 25 months old. We did some research and decided to try the 3 day potty method or what I called potty training bootcamp. I know there are some different variations of this out there but we decided to do the one where you teach your child to tell you if they have to go potty and act like you won the lottery every time they do.  You don’t leave the house, give them lots of fluids, lots of love and praise and of course rewards for being a big girl. I was partial to this method because I knew multiple people, like at least 5, that did this method with their kid and it worked within a week. Sounds great doesn’t it?! Potty trained in one week?? Sign me up!

The Week of Hell

We did everything the article told us to do. We took her out before the big day and let her pick out undies, had a big celebration when we threw the diapers away, made a big deal when we put on her first pair of big girl undies, and repeated every 3 seconds (okay maybe 10) “Tell Mommy if you have to Potty. Remember to tell us if you need to Potty. Kyler, POTTY, POTTY, POTTY.  Literally I think I said the word potty that week maybe 3.2 million times. We did it all! Day 1 went exactly how I thought it would and what the article said to expect. She had tons of accidents but we always ran to the potty and tried to finish and praised her like crazy for trying or going. By the way, I say it went exactly how I thought it would go, not we on purpose. When my husband got home from work, he had his first meltdown within 4 hours. Apparently he didn’t expect as many accidents and it completely stressed him out. He read the article before and we talked about it but I guess he thought it was going to be different.  Word of advice: make sure both parents are on board and know what to expect before starting! The 2nd day was better but still quite a bit of accidents. Oh, by the way, we also decided to go for it and try night time too. Ambitious, right? She quickly realized that at night time she could stall going to bed by saying she had to potty. Funnnn.

Day 1: Stuck in the house

Sunday, Day 3, was a little bit better than Day 2, but again, I didn’t think we were where she needed to be. Hubby and I were beyond stressed out and exhausted from watching Kyler like a hawk and remember, I was 8 months pregnant! I remember at one point, she started peeing and I picked her up quickly and tried to run to the bathroom only to slip on her pee. I managed to catch myself, however, shooting pain shot up through my pelvis and yeah… that didn’t feel so great. She started to ignore us when she said “Kyler, tell us when you have to potty”. I think it started to annoy her (can’t blame her, I was annoying myself). That being said, we decided to keep pushing forward because we didn’t want to give up on all the progress we made.

Monday, Day 4 came and she went to my mom’s house. I had never been so happy to be at work. She actually had a good day! Only 2 accidents. Yay!!! Is the end near??? Night time was still a disaster. She was totally milking the “I have to go potty”. Let’s just say we started the bed time routine at 7pm and wouldn’t get to sleep until 9:30pm if we were lucky.  After her 4th trip to the potty, we decided that was enough. I mean she hadn’t had anything to drink since 4pm, she had peed 3 times before bed, there is no way she had anything left! Well…. she did. After we said no to another potty trip, she stood at her door and peed on the floor. Awesome. After she fell asleep, I searched the ends of Google and message boards for help/advice on potty training. Nothing.

Day 5 was her first day back at school. We dropped her off at school at 8am and spoke to her teachers. We went over everything with them and took the diapers away. We left and went to work and thought “Hell yeah, we got this.” Um…. no we didn’t. By 10am, school had called and said Kyler had 2 diarrhea accidents and they had to put a diaper on her. What?!?!? NOOOOOO!!!!! Not the diaper! All of that hard work! When we picked her up from school, the teachers said she seemed fine so we put her back in undies when we got home. Night time came and we started the vicious game of “I have to potty again.” Again, we let her go a number of times. While putting her back in bed, she asked to go again. I told her no and she already went. I’ll be damned if she didn’t start pushing with all her might to get some pee out. Really Kyler?!?! I guess she was going to show me!

Day 6-7 were a blur. I tried some things I read on the internet and nothing worked. I put in a call to her doctor because she always had good advice on how to handle some of her behavioral quirks.  We knew she understood what she needed to do but it was like she was fighting us with all her mite. It got so bad that she was scream and cry if we even said the word potty. We weren’t going to physically make her sit on the potty. If I made a slight adjustment, she adjusted. For instance, I was desperate so decided to put her potty in her room at bed time (I know, I know it tells you not to do that but I told you I was desperate). The look on her face was priceless. She said “I have to go potty” and I pulled her potty chair in her room and said okay, here it is. If you need it, it’s right here. She looked so confused and annoyed that I outsmarted her. Well, the next night she decided to just pee in her bed instead.

By the next weekend, hubby and I were arguing like crazy. He wanted to throw in the towel and I didn’t want to give up because of everything we had been through.  After some discussion and thought, we finally gave it and we bought a box of pull-ups. We were taking a break.

The Break

I felt so defeated. How was it that I knew so many kids that were able to get this down in less than a  week and yet  Kyler couldn’t? I realized she was on the younger side and knew I had plenty of time to get her trained but it was still defeating. Kyler couldn’t care less if she was wet, rewards got old quick, too much praise annoyed her and stressed her out and that is basically what I kept reading online.

Looking back, I wish I hadn’t pushed her as far as we did. I should have realized mid-week it wasn’t working but just when I would think about giving up, she would have a good day. Kyler’s doctor called back and we had a nice talk. I explained everything that we tried and went through and she agreed, it was definitely behavioral. She basically said that because it was something we wanted her to do, she was going to fight it because it’s a power struggle thing and she wants to be in control. She agreed that we needed to take a break and try again after the baby came.

Potty Training was put on the back burner. For a while, we wouldn’t do anything with it unless she wanted to. We started ramping up the potty talk about a month after her brother was born and she started having some accident free (or one wet pull-up) days. She has definitely made it difficult for us because she does some weird quirky things. For a while, she wouldn’t potty at home but would ask to go potty when we were out and about. Our first day back to Disney she went accident free yet as soon as we got home she started peeing in her pull ups again. Sometimes, she would strip down naked and pee in her bed then tell me on the monitor “uh-oh, I peed in my bad, that’s bad” just for attention.

Round 2

So that brings us to current day. We decided to do the bootcamp method again, however, this time, we were going to put her on the potty every 30 minutes-hour instead of reminding her to tell us if she has to potty. The week before I was planning on doing this, I was at Buy Buy Baby and came across the Potty Watch. What is the Potty Watch you ask? It’s a watch timer that kids can wear that you set to go off every 30, 60 or 90 minutes. It resets itself and plays a song and lights up when it’s time to go. It was only $10 so I figured why not. The big morning came and she put on her undies with excitement and we set the watch for every 30 minutes. WOW. What a difference. It took a few times of the watch going off and us heading to the potty for her to get it but SHE WASN’T FIGHTING ME!!!!!!! By the end of the day, she was getting excited and going potty. By Sunday, we upped our time to a hour and even went to Target, brave, I know. She did great. Also, we started out trying to train for nighttime too, however, after 3 nights in a row of waking up with a wet bed, we decided to go into pull-ups and tackle that down the road. She does, however, wear her undies at nap time. She was no longer stressed out to use the potty! After a few weeks of wearing the Potty Watch, we were able to stop using it! She is getting better about telling us she has to go but we still keep track of time and take her there every 2 hours or so. She probably has about 1 accident a week but she is getting better and better. We are so proud of her!

My Advice

First and foremost, try and avoid expectations. I thought and almost expected her to get it 3 days. She didn’t and is stressed me out. Which stressed her out. Which leads me to my second piece of advice, don’t stress out. Potty Training has been hard for us and so it is very easy to get frustrated and stressed but it doesn’t help anything. And honestly, when she is 5 and I look back I will laugh at how this was just a faint memory. Your child will get it. Maybe in 3 days. Maybe a week. Maybe 4 months. Let the child go at their own pace and remember, they want to be independent and a big girl/boy just as much as you want them too. Stop comparing your child to other children and you will feel much more at ease. Once I accepted that Kyler is just not the kid that will learn in a couple of weeks I have felt much better about it. Is is frustrating when she has an accident and doesn’t seem to care? Sure! But I know that she won’t have accidents forever and it’s just all apart of the process.

Potty Watch + Potty Time Giveaway!!!!

That leads me into my next and exciting opportunity! I loves these 2 products so much that I want to share them with you. It is true, you have to make potty training fun. She loves her Rapunzel and Frozen undies so that gets her excited to wear them. However, 2 things that were HUGE for us were the Potty Watch and Potty Time. The Potty Watch was the key and I can’t stress enough how much this helped. It took the fight out of potty training. Before, she resisted us because it was our idea. The watch made her feel like she was in control and that was it for her. I felt like this worked great for daycare as well. This helped remind the teachers to take her more frequently. I joke around and say I am going to buy stock in this company because of how much it helped.

Another great product we discovered are Potty Time videos/songs on YouTube. It’s a company that has multiple songs associated with potty training. As a child that LOVES music and singing and dancing, she loved them. They were great when we started talking about the potty and getting her comfortable about using it. They also produce and sell a DVD/CD with more songs all about the potty. It’s such a fun way to get your child talking about it and excited about it, I highly recommend it!!

Subscribe to the blog by using the follow button on the right and comment below to enter to win both of these AMAZING items!! The giveaway starts now and ends Friday, August 22nd at 11:59pm!

*This giveaway is made possible by Potty Time and Potty Watch. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was not paid for this post.

4 Years Ago: Our Wedding Day

3 Apr

4 years ago, we both said “I do” and haven’t looked back since! Now we have 2 sweet children together and have never been happier. Happy Anniversary, Babe! I love you more and more 

Hello 3rd Trimester

10 Jan

Holy moly…. Today I am 28 weeks and in my 3rd trimester. Not sure how we got here so fast but it’s here. That means baby is T minus 12 weeks (give or take).

How I have been feeling:

To be honest, pretty crappy! This pregnancy is A LOT different than my first. I feel every ache and pain. The doctor said it’s how he is laying but not sure I am buying that. I have been feeling this way for a few months now and don’t imagine it going away until after he is here. Best way to describe it…. like I rode a bike on a mountainous trail for 20 miles 🙂

Other than that, I have been doing great. The dreaded heartburn hasn’t made its way back although I am sure that will come in due time. I am still sleeping quite comfortably (helps that I am a side sleeper anyways) and the sleepiness isn’t too bad.

Picking up my little one is getting more difficult. I try not to carry her around a lot since she is more than capable of walking/running on her own.

I have gained about 23 pounds so far. I’m pretty happy about that considered I had gained a lot more with Kyler. Hopefully I don’t pack it all on in the end 🙂  I also had my glucose test so hoping I pass that will flying colors.

The nurse scheduled the rest of my appointments from here on out which made things a lot more real to me. I will be having a baby before I know it!

How he is doing:

He sure does move A LOT. Kyler moved a lot too but was more consistent with when she decided to do somersaults. She was very active in the morning and at night but she was pretty calm during the day. Not this little guy, he moves at all hours of the day.

No hiccups yet…. and my fingers are crossed that is stays this way!!! Kyler had them all of the time and I found them to be annoying so really hoping Hudson doesn’t get them as often.

His heart beat was a strong 144 bpm the other day.

To Do List:

Well that is about a mile long. Unlike the 1st pregnancy which is all you think about every second of every day, I haven’t had a chance to really focus on baby #2. I keep telling myself that will come in February (after Kyler’s birthday). The good thing is, I have a pretty good handle on his nursery and what I want to do, we just need to start putting it together. On the other hand, I really need to get all of the baby stuff out and see what I need to get. I know I will need clothes, bottles, diapers, pacis, etc. Last thing on my to do list is read Baby 101 again. I know it will all come back to me but it’s so crazy how quickly you forget all the little things you do with a newborn. Oh and doing all of that with a crazy 2 year old running around 🙂

Hello 2014!

1 Jan

Happy New Year’s!!! I can’t believe 2013 has come and gone and we are already in 2014. I re-read what I wrote back in 2013 and laughed. I had 2 big things to accomplish and I can say that I really didn’t do that at all!

  • Working out:  That went well in the Spring and Summer but then I got pregnant and that went out the window. I had big plans this time around to workout through my pregnancy and I just could not do it. I FEEL every ache and pain this time around and sometimes walking too much makes me unable to really move around for a day or 2. But with that said, my job keeps me fit. I walk anywhere from 3-10 miles a day so at least I have that!
  • Make more time for us: Well we sort of did that. We never did get a baby sitter (can’t seem to stomach paying over $100 just for dinner and a movie out of the house) but that doesn’t mean things didn’t change. I think Kyler being older helped A LOT. Looking back, when they are so little and need every waking second of your time, you can’t help but feel that is all your life is about. But now that Kyler is older and her own little person, we have really had more time to feel back to normal. Now adding a 2nd little kiddo to the mix should make things interesting but we are more than excited and ready for the change!

2013 was an interesting year for me. If I had to rate it, it wasn’t one of my best years. 2012 was a high for us; just getting settled into our new home & bringing Kyler in the world. 2013 definitely had its ups and downs. It has been so much fun watching Kyler grow so that has been the highlight. The hardest thing I have had to deal with is losing my brother Craig back in February. Here we are 10 months later and it is something I think about constantly. It’s been rough.

I am really looking forward to 2014. I am ready to meet our new son, Hudson, who is due April 4th. I am ready to see what work has to bring. I am ready to see where I can take this blog. I am ready for it all! Kyler will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks, I will be 28 in May (sigh) and Chris will be hitting his mid-30s at 35 in August. Where is the time going?!?!

Happy 2014!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

10 Feb

Happy Sunday (or sad that it is Sunday already?)

Kyler waiting for the doctor… she loves the paper!


Come on Dad! Let’s go play! (ps doesn’t Chris’ hand look ridiculous big compared to Kyler’s? Just realized that 🙂 )


Why not try and eat the phone?


This weekend, we took Kyler to SeaWorld for the first time. She did okay. I think her naps were messed up because she woke up early so that kind of threw her off for the day. Nice thing about SeaWorld is you pay once and you can come back all year so it makes it a little bit easier to leave early 🙂


Checking out the dolphins…. Mommy’s favorite



Looking at the dolphins with Grandma and Poppa


She loves them as much as me 🙂



Her first Shamu show…. this is about as interested as she was going to get. We will try again next time 🙂


Sea lions!


Time to go.


My 9ft tall baby


Saying bye to the dolphins.

IMG_0753 IMG_0756

Walking out.

IMG_0758 IMG_0763 IMG_0764

When we got back, we rode our bikes up to get some frozen yogurt!


We also played in the backyard all weekend! That was fun too!


IMG_0776 - Copy

Play ball!


IMG_0785 - Copy

The other girls were pretty happy too.



Just missing Fenway


Oh Kyler…. She decided to smear mashed potatoes everywhere.

IMG_0800 IMG_0804

We had such a nice, beautiful, family filled weekend. Just what we needed! I am not sure I have really expressed how much I LOVE Florida weather especially in the Winter/Spring seasons. Mid 70’s with plenty of sunshine is about perfect as it can get. My in-laws up in West Springfield, MA got 21″ of snow from that little thing they call a blizzard. Yeah…. no thank you. This Florida girl loves to visit and play in the snow but that is about it. I have never lived in snow and I can say that I really don’t think I am missing out on much.

This is a view of their backyard… it sure is pretty though!


My Father-in-Law out with his snow plow… at least he looks happy!


No matter where you were this week and weekend, I hope it was a good one!

Special Edition: Weekend Update with Kyler : 30 weeks/7 months!

26 Aug

Not only did Kyler turn 30 weeks on Thursday, she is 7 months old today! That is just crazy to me. Also, Chris is the big 3-3 today as well! Fun stuff!

First, we will start with the 7 month update. Miss Kyler is a growing machine! She is currently going through a growth spurt (we think) because she is eating like a champ. For the past 3 days, she has been eating SO well! It’s been such a nice surprise. She even ate butternut squash. Get this… she cries when it’s finished! It’s the exact opposite. She used to cry when I put the food to her face…. now she cries when I take the spoon away to get more. I like this way MUCH better. Now let’s just see if we can keep this trend 🙂

Update from last month:

  • Army crawl – She isn’t quite crawling on hands and knees yet but she can definitely get around her playmat just find. It is more of an army crawl so I am assuming it won’t be much longer until she is all over the place.
  • Chewing – Still no tooth yet…
  • Eating- OMG yay! Let’s keep it up Kyler!
  • Sleeping– I can now say she sleeps through the night! She goes down around 7:30pm and wakes up around 7am on average. On the weekends, she isn’t up to 7:30-8am. Thanks Kyler!
  • Napping– When she is at home or at my mom’s, she goes down for 2 big naps. Usually around 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.
  • Sitting Up– Although she was doing that last month, she is now a pro at it. We don’t have to worry about her falling over (of course as I LITERALLY just typed that, she was bouncing up and down and fell over).
  • Bouncing– She is a bouncing machine. She doesn’t have to be in her bouncer either. She does it laying down, sitting, standing. Whenever the mood strikes.
  • Busy– She doesn’t really stay still anymore. She is quite a busy little girl. When she is on my lap, she is climbing all over me, pulling my hair, grabbing my face, trying to crawl somewhere…. busy, busy, busy!
  • Quite– She doesn’t talk or babble much. She is a pretty calm and content baby. I just asked my parents yesterday if I was like that… my mom didn’t remember but my dad said he remembered thinking “is she ever going to talk?”. Then of course he followed up with “then you started and you haven’t stopped since.” Thanks Dad.
  • Shaking her head– She shakes her head no randomly but I don’t think she knows why she does it.

As I just typed all that up, I just realized she has changed so much in a month. Sleeping training wasn’t that bad actually. She kind of did it on her own. I think I remember 2 nights where we let her cry it out for a little bit but she figured it out pretty quick!

Now onto the weekly update: We ended up staying home this week since stupid Tropical Storm Issac was going to make our beach vacation on the gulf not so much fun. We were really sad we had to cancel our first family vacation but made the best of it here. We worked on Kyler’s playroom a lot this weekend. I finally have a grand plan and Chris started her TV cabinet. Woo hoo!

Monday photo: Bad picture but it makes me laugh. She is twisting around but looks like a one-armed push-up. Yeah, let’s just stick with that.

She is determined to crawl!

Tuesday was the first day we really introduced puffs. She got about one in her mouth and the rest went to the pups!

Wednesday night at the Jenkinson household; watching Kyler play 🙂

She was in the best mood after bath time!

Thursday evening. My beautiful little girl ❤

Playing with Minnie Mouse! (We live in Orlando, we had to introduce it!)

I am set up and ready for crafts! (This is for Kyler’s playroom). It is much more organized now. This is what I did on Friday night!

Saturday morning she played while I painted some things for her playroom.

My mom and dad came over Saturday afternoon to take Chris out to dinner for his birthday. The 5 of us loaded up and headed to Bahama Breeze. LOVE their Bahamarita, yummm 🙂

With the birthday boy!

This is what I had painted by Saturday night. These will serve as little decor pieces around her playroom.

Sunday was a fun filled day. Kyler turned 7 months old and Chris turned 33 years old! We were going to go see a movie and have our friends watch Kyler but she was having a fussy morning (will you just make your appearance, tooth?) so we decided we would make it another time. I went to the store and got some supplies to make dinner and a cake. We also went over to the Gilbertson’s so the girls could play for a bit. When we got back, Kyler took a nap and I got to work!

I also took some pictures of Kyler:

Chris asked for homemade pizza for his birthday. He did turn 33 right? The guy loves his pizza!

Kyler finished her dinner while we ate ours.

I found this recipe for a Peanut Butter Cake on Pinterest. It linked back to another blog that had really good instructions. (Thank you!!) Chris LOVES peanut butter cups and pretty much anything really sweet and it looked easy enough so I said why not! It turned out really good!

We sang Happy Birthday to Dad!

Happy Birthday Chris! Kyler and I love you so much!! I hope you had a great birthday!!

See ya next week!




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