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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

20 Aug

Kyler was so ready for her first day!

She also had her first day of soccer!

Hudson had his first day of soccer too!

Happy happy little guy

Homemade pizookies!

Hopefully it wont be another month before I post again!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

23 Jul

So it’s been a month since I have posted and it’s probably the longest I have gone without a weekend post. July has been crazy busy for me and when I have had the very little down time, I have spent it relaxing.

Big guy turned 8 months old… and tomorrow he will be 9 months.

Kyler has been loving gymnastics still. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go but I am looking forward to this week!

Since it’s been ridiculously hot out, we have been in the pool a lot.

Ammo and Lincoln ❤

We had some friends over for the 4th. Merica!

Kids and sparklers… seems like a good idea

They did okay until Hud bumped into Kyler with a hot stick… then the fun was over.

Metallica came into town and it was my favorite concert to date!

Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat opened and I couldn’t have been happier

It was amazing and crazy loud. Couldn’t hear for 2 days!

40,000+ of my closest friends

Lincoln isn’t so little anymore ❤

So all of our kiddos look alike. This is the three of them at 8.5 months old. Lincoln top pictures, Hudson bottom left and Kyler bottom right.

We celebrated Poppa’s birthday

I went to Vegas for work conference. 48 hours total trip time + 7am flights + 3 hour time difference = BRUTAL

Sleeping at breakfast ❤

The kids got to meet STUFF up close and personal for the first time. They love STUFF!

Lincoln and his sweet friend Kate ❤

LiteBrights are still a big hit with the kids…. Kyler loves her!

I had another work conference but this time it was in Orlando at Disney. Work is so tough when you are playing around at Disney 🙂

We celebrated Alyssa’s birthday and Phil was in town!

Arena Ops circa 2010-2016

Hudson loves all things Star Wars so we headed to Hollywood Studios for some Star Wars fun.

Hudson LOVES Storm Troopers so he was set. He had to wear his shirt, shoes, hat, mask and bracelet. He was so excited to see them walking around.

Yeah… they are not fans of Kylo Ren. He still scares them too much.

We headed off to Jedi Training in the 150 degree Florida Sun.

Using the Force!

So intense

Meeting BB-8 ❤

Andddd more Storm Troopers. He had to show him his little trooper toy

After we got stuck in the rain, we headed to Animal Kingdom. Checking out Pandora.

Then went on a safari ride

These sweet 3 year boy gorillas were so fun to watch. They were wrestling and playing around and so funny ❤

Dad was HUGE

Amazing amazing animals

They adored their dad ❤

Hud’s tiger

We spent SO much time at Disney and we were so tired. Relaxing with the kiddos ❤


This past week I have also been able to spend some time with my best friend Jenny, although I wish it was under better circumstances. Jean, may you rest in peace and be pain free. You were an inspirational woman that I always looked up to. Such a fighter, amazing mom and Nana, and best friend to a lot of people. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. ❤


Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

25 Jun

I am getting very close to sharing photos of our reno with you but in the meantime, just look at this table Chris built. I LOVE it ❤

Lincoln and Maggie ❤

I received a call from school saying Lincoln was crying and not acting like himself and when I picked him up, they weren’t kiddin’. Big sis went to the doctor’s earlier in the week and had strep throat so I was worried Lincoln caught it. Good news, he doesn’t have strep. Bad news, he has an ear infection.

Got home, gave him some Tylenol and antibiotics and he was as good as new!

Hud the Stud

Kyler likes to “braid” my hair. When she was done she told me she gave me earring bows. Yeah, didn’t feel great.

For the last couple of months, Chris (and Merritt Island Air and Heat) have been working on the Vanilla Ice Project in Melbourne Beach. Saturday evening they had the wrap party. We really had no idea what we were walking into.

Rolls, helicopter and the beach. No big deal.

This view is by far the best part of this house. I would never get sick of looking at that.

Hibachi grill from the house

Chris and Mr. Ice himself.


I mean simply breathtaking.

We promised the kids we would go to Disney since it’s been a while. Last time we went, Lincoln was only 3 months old and slept in an infant seat the entire time.

Lincoln’s first time meeting Mickey! I promise he liked him 🙂

It was a HOT day so Hud had fun cooling off in the water

Just waiting on dad and Kyler to get off the roller coaster

Now our turn!

We had a fun but busy weekend, hope yours was good too!


Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

18 Jun

I think I hold him too much… oh well 🙂

Can’t really begin to tell you how happy I was to find this clock. Half off too!

Big man loves his toys!

and he thinks Hudson is pretty funny too

Pulling my weight and refinishing the buffet server… yeah I don’t like painting

Nowhere else I would rather be

Kyler loves her pups.. sometimes too much

Bathtime with Lincoln is pretty much the cutest thing. So. Many. Rolls.

Morning with my boys ❤

Tackling Target with the 3 and the monster cart… by myself… actually we survived and they stayed buckled in for me. Overall successful trip!

We spent Father’s Day eating brunch with my parents, doing things around the house and watching the rains come in. We had a productive week and I am so excited to say we are about wrapped up with the home renovation! We have a few minor projects to tackle but I am looking forward to getting my nights and weekends back…. pictures to come!


Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

4 Jun

Although the contractors are doing most of the work… we do have a few DIY projects going on too 🙂

Kyler is really liking gymnastics although beam isn’t really her thing haha

Choices, choices

Big girl had her last day of VPK. Hard to believe in less than 3 months she’s off to kindergarten

We have been on the hunt for a small expendable dining table and it’s harder than you think but we finally found one!

Goodbye rounded columns and hello square 🙂

Lincoln’s been doing so much better with food and loves puffs

Perfect 🙂

Chris was working on the columns today and I really wanted to take the kids to the science center so I braved it with all 3. We met some of Kyler’s friends there and played in the new kids town. They even had a spot at the water table for Lincoln.


He has a love for dinosaurs

Totally rocked it!

Life with a three year old boy… he loves his little figures

The contractors should be wrapped up this week but Chris and I still have a few projects left to do before everything is officially done. Can’t wait!


Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

30 May

This post really should read May Update with The Jenkinsons since it’s been about a month since I’ve posted. We started our house renovation and it has pretty much consumed our life.

It started on May 1st which also happened to be my birthday.

Birthday dinner at Coopers Hawk

Followed by cake up in the playroom which was pretty much our dining room for a good 2 weeks

Our floors were ripped up the first week so living in the dust and upstairs was super fun.

We finished our soccer season with 2 happy kiddos

This kid is trouble and I can’t imagine how much more trouble he will be when he’s older

Family time is the best time

Just assembling our new cabinets for the wine bar

The girls were registered and had orientation for kindergarten. They are so excited!

Mother’s Day was fun and relaxing. Love these kids of mine ❤

We have been getting better with giving Lincoln food. He’s still not overly impressed with it yet 🙂

My sweet chunk ❤

Hudson had his kidney check up. The dilation has gotten smaller but it’s still technically there so we will go back at 4.

Soccer, tennis and onto a bowling party all before 1pm. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Oh how she loves her baby brothers

The fiercest superheros I know

The girls started up gymnastics and it’s super cute.

L Dubs started sitting up!

And this big girl graduated from VPK ❤

Rolling three deep at BJs.

Memorial Day pool fun

The house will be finished up soon and I can’t wait to share pictures! It looks amazing! I also can’t wait to actually take a break and enjoy it 🙂



Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

30 Apr

It has been a busy two weeks!!

Here are some cute pictures of Lincoln just because ❤

He also finally rolled over for the first time. 3rd child problems… I think I hold him too much

So happy to find time to play with cousins visiting from out of town

The Little Monsters are killing it this season!

Cheering big sis on

Isn’t he so meaty?

and doesn’t he look so much like Kyler?

Getting closer

Friday night lights at the soccer field

Meanwhile Kyler likes to look for bugs

Hudson goes from playing to this

After soccer, we hit the road for a weekend getaway. More on this later.

The kids’ art fair at school ❤

Little man had his 6 month check up and did great! 20 pounds and 28.5 inches. Such a big chunk.

Kyler is the sweetest. Chris told her to pick him up something good at Publix so she had to get him a cake and had them write on it for her. Sweet and ridiculous.

Why not sleep at the top of the stairs?

Go Hud!

Tennis star ❤

New bathroom vanity… can’t wait to get this project started!

Swimming with my babes!

❤ ❤ ❤

I asked Kyler to rock Lincoln for me while I cleaned. She complained because she was watching tv but I told her she could do both. Next thing I knew, she asked him if he wanted to watch TV too and turned him around. Already mastered baby sitting 🙂

Busy month for us ahead with a HUGE house renovation getting kicked off. Happy Sunday!


Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

16 Apr

Last Magic game of the season!

Spring party at school and an egg hunt!

Then I headed off to work. Panic! At The Disco was great!

Taking a snooze

Just love our Lincoln

Getting ready for the bunny! There is something extremely nerve wracking about have dye around Hudson….

Lincoln’s First Easter!

His own “chocolate” bunny (aka teether)

It was off to Grandma and Poppa’s for an Easter egg hunt

Lincoln watched. Next year buddy!

The Jenkinson kiddos!

They sure do love Tink!

They love Grandma and Poppa too.

This girl knocks me in my tracks

The kids swam for a solid 4 hours today. They were EXHAUSTED

Even Lincoln got in. His first time taking a swim!

Don’t mind if I do

Happy Easter from The Jenkinsons!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

9 Apr


Chris put wood floors in the playhouse… no more mud!

Hud seems to enjoy soccer practice now!

Hudson turned 3 on March 29th

Chocolate beard!

Kyler picked out the gift from her and Lincoln. You can tell he loves it.

Opening Nana and P’pa’s gift

Wrestlemania was in town which meant a lot of wrestling events for us

Soccer Saturdays

Hud’s first game… more interested in taking his shirt off

Pep talk for the boys

Kyler also started taking tennis lessons!

We finally had our solar fixed and wow did it warm the pool up quick. Perfect for this time of year when the sun is out but the water hasn’t caught up yet.


Happiest baby on the block

We celebrated Hudson’s 3rd birthday.

We also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! Red Velvet Cheesecake, our wedding cake.

Sweet Lincoln ❤

Kyler and Hud’s green beans and peppers are starting to grow!

Big things coming. CAN’T WAIT!

Lincoln is starting to love his pups

Bug, the soccer star

Her friends from school are on her team now! So much fun!

After soccer, we rushed to our tennis lesson. These outfits kill me ❤

He never stops smiling or giggling and I never stop kissing him ❤


Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

26 Mar

Friends from school… it was camp day!

First day of soccer for Hud!

Lincoln is one chunky monkey!

Ticklish Lincoln

First day of soccer for Kyler!

St. Patty’s Day at Disney Springs!

4 different types of Poutine!

The cutest little construction worker

They love when Chris is working in the garage. They bring their tools out and work

She is the best. Love her heart.

Kyler wanted to turn him into a clown. He didn’t want me to take his stickers off.

Swinging with these 3

Mr. Giggles

They love each other

My babe!!!

First bite for this guy! He loved it!

The kids love Moana and they love to dance…. love their Moana moves

Twinning so hard…. and no we didn’t plan it.

Meanwhile… Chris took the kids to a birthday party

This was a long week at work. 3 games and our Gala. Bright and early for load-in!

After work, we headed to another birthday party!

Morning snuggles in bed

Today we ran some errands and worked in the backyard. Smelling the flowers at Lowes!

They painted!

This girl was meant to be the big sister. Hudson’s stubbed his toe and she ran upstairs, grabbed a bandaid, wet a paper towel and cleaned him up all on her own and without even asking me.

Meanwhile, I spruced up the flower pots

Love this time of year!

Dinner with Hudson is always entertaining

Looking forward to a fun week! Hudson turns 3!!!!


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