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Lincoln: 11 Weeks

10 Jan

11 Weeks! Lincoln is still fighting off a head cold but hoping he will be on the mend soon. He is acting find but he gets pretty congested and has a cough.

We went shopping and he is wearing a lot of 9 month clothes now. He is also waking up again to eat in the middle of the night. Thanks cold.

He LOVES to smile. And I LOVE to watch him smile. He really is the sweetest boy ❤

Hudson: 11 Weeks

14 Jun

This was Hudson’s first week away from me as I went back to work! He has been hanging with Grandma all week and I’ve been told he loves it.

He is quite the solid little boy. He is getting much better with his head control so I am looking forward to him being able to hold him self up a bit (ya know, instead of the sack of potatoes he feels like now). I weighed him this week and he was just over 16 pounds so he gets heavy quick!

I’ve missed snuggling with this cutie all week 😦 On Monday, he smiled when I came home from work ❤ I can tell he is starting to see better. He follows me around the room and is starting to like his playmat more and more.

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