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Lincoln: 14 & 15 Weeks

12 Feb

So I am really behind on his 14 and 15 week posts.

He has slow down in how much he is eating which is okay I guess. It still stressed me out because he will go 5-6 hours in between feedings on occasion.

Those legs ❤

Hudson: 15 Weeks

12 Jul

Hudson is 15 weeks today! So crazy how much time has past so quickly. I just can’t get over how sweet and happy he is. We are so lucky to have such a happy little guy.

He smiles at us constantly and I love it. He loves to just sit back and observe what is going on. He keeps a close eye on Kyler and what she is up to. I have a feeling those two will be pretty close one day.

Haven’t weighed him in  while but if I had to guess I would say near the 18 pound mark. Clothes range from the 6 month to 6-12 month mark, just depends on the brand. Very few of his 3-6 month clothes still fit. For one, his head is too big and have a hard time getting some t-shirts over his noggin’ so that alone eliminates some of the smaller clothes. Who knows, maybe he will slow down sometime soon!?! Time will tell 🙂 Regardless, he is perfect to me!

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