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Lincoln: 16 & 17 Weeks

19 Feb

16 Weeks marks the week Lincoln started sleeping in his own crib. I also stopped feeding him in the middle of the night since he wouldn’t eat in the morning since he was still full. I think he is around 18 pounds but we will find out at the doctor this week.

Still one of the happiest babies I have ever been around

So smiley and so damn sweet ❤

Tomorrow he turns 17 weeks. He still isn’t rolling over but does like to play in his jumperoo.

Hudson: 17 Weeks

26 Jul

17 weeks?!?!? I thought I had to do the 16 week post and then realized I did that last week! Time is just zipping right by me! Hudson is still doing great. I have stopped feeding him through the night but he has not figured that out yet so he still is waking up for a little bit. I hope he realizes there is nothing but a paci for him and just stays asleep.

Still hasn’t rolled over yet. We are doings lots of tummy time to help us get there though!

Honestly, he almost acts like he is going to army crawl rather than roll. He turns his upper body to look at the toys and it’s quite impressive!

Our happy little dude!

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