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Hudson: 29 Weeks

19 Oct

Another week older!

This cutie was not feeling so hot this past week. He had RSV and was home from school for a few days.

He is much better now and was able to go back to school on Friday. He still has a stuffy nose and a cough every now and then, however, the fever is gone and he is getting back to his old ways.

He wants to spend most of his time on his belly because he likes to practice getting up. Not too much longer and we will have a crawler! I love love love this stage! He sits up great and loves to play with toys but can’t take off on me 🙂 I am going to enjoy it while I can, I know it won’t last long!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons X2

27 Jan

I am going to go back 2 weeks because I skipped last week’s (not enough pictures since I was so busy getting ready for Kyler’s birthday).

29 Weeks!

My first real go at decorating cookies….not too bad!

This girl loves her rocks. No clue why but she has a great time collecting them in the backyard.

We celebrated Kyler’s 2nd birthday on Saturday. More pictures to come!

Kyler’s new wardrobe dress-up set

On Sunday, her actual birthday, we took her to the Tampa Lowry Zoo.

Blowing out her candle (thanks to Google+ for making it move like this!)

She was so proud of herself for blowing out the candle that we sang Happy Birthday 4 times 🙂

Playing dress-up before bed…. crazy kid.

We had a GREAT weekend celebrating out big girl but I can’t lie and say I am looking forward to resting up a little bit 🙂 Chris’s parents are in town so it will be nice to spend time with them. Have a great week!

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