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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

7 Jul

This cute kid had his 15 month check-up at the doctors this week. He was 33.5″ tall and 35 pounds and 7 ounces.

Train table fun

We made a trip to Seaworld on Friday. First stop, the penguins. Breakfast time was no joke.

This guy ❤

and these two ❤

Flamingo boats with Dad

Thankfully we have a pool we can jump in after a HOT day at the park.

She wanted to make cookies for Santa so we made cookies and had a talk that Santa doesn’t come back until December.

For the 4th, we kept it low key and we did it on purpose. We have been so crazy busy that a day near the house was perfect. We went over to the Gilbos for some BBQ and pool fun.

Happy 4th from these 2!

Fireworks when the sun is still out is just boring.

The kids, however, liked the bang snaps.

Later that night, we headed back outside and lit some fireworks.

Watching Dad!

This girl is too funny.

The Beast!

While I was away at work looking over Summer League…

Chris was entertaining these 2. Looks successful to me!

Fun holiday weekend that was nice to just relax, not have a million things to do and spend time with the kiddos!

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