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Lincoln: 8 Weeks

20 Dec

Sweet Lincoln is 8 weeks already!

He turns 2 months old on Christmas Eve

He is starting to look a lot more like Kyler and Hudson

And those eyes have turns quite the pretty shade of blue, looks like I am the odd one out

Love you sweet boy ❤

Hudson: 8 Weeks

24 May

8 weeks old already!! I can’t believe how fast he is growing.  He’s on a whole other level.

He is starting to smile a little bit more which makes this mamma very happy!

My sweet boy came back this week. No crazy fussy fits anymore! He has been going to bed between 8-9 and sleeping until 3ish to eat. He passes back out until 6, give or take. Not too bad!

I only have 2 more weeks left with this little guy before I go back to work. Total bummer 😦

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