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Birthday Pranks: Plastic Wrap

12 Mar

This is a new mini-series for me. To give you some background, it started about 2 years ago and it started small. Lately, we have really been going all out and a few people have asked about the details (how did you do that, what did you do that with, etc) so I decided to write about it.

My department is made up of myself, 2 guys, and an intern. We are a very close-knit department (we call each other family) and we work hard but love to have a good time too. We are always messing with each other and giving each other a hard time so we decided “why not mess with each even more on our birthdays?” One of our first pranks was the “Plastic Wrap”.

This one is a classic but always a good time. They key to this prank is to make sure you cover every square inch of office/cubicle space with plastic wrap. I mean everything. Pens, notes, business cards, papers, push pins, keyboard, basically if it can be picked up, wrap it! This makes clean-up even harder (and if you are like us, we make the birthday person to all of the clean-up).

All in the details, people!

To take it to the next level, fill up the space with balloons. That way, when the birthday boy/girl walks up, they think THAT is the prank…. but we all know once those balloons tumble out, it will reveal what’s really happening in all it’s plasticy glory!

If you have someone willing, it’s pretty funny to have someone waiting in the balloons to scare them when they walk up.

Enjoy wrapping!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

2 Mar

So the week kicked off with a birthday prank for me at the ole office. More details on this to come at later day but Monday night we were hard at work “redecorating” my bosses office.

The grand reveal on his birthday

Glorious, isn’t it?

Later in the week, some of the girls I work with threw me a surprise shower! I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was so sweet of them!

The Jenkinsons decided to eat out on Friday night. She is such a big girl now.

Saturday was a day filled with errands of course. Kyler started off with a cute headband (bad pic)…

But that quickly ended up like this….

We’ve been trying to teach her out to ride a bike but she really has no interest in pedaling so she likes to push. 

Snack time!

The dogs just wait around for her to drop one… usually works to their advantage

Today, I used up my Valentine’s Day gift and had a prenatal massage. It was awesome. Thanks again babe!

We made a lot of progress in the whole “preparing for Hudson” area.

Clothes are washed and put away…

I even left some clothes out to put in the hospital bag. Yep, that will be my main focus next week.

We got a lot done in his room as well. Can’t wait to share with everyone!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

16 Feb

The week started off on a fun one. It was my friend’s birthday at work and we have a little tradition in our department…. to decorate/prank each other on our birthdays. This year, we decided to turn his cubicle into bathroom.

Happy Birthday buddy!

We had movie night with Monsters University and popcorn. 

My sweet babies

Snuggles with Bug

Ummm Hudson’s room may have been our storage room and this is what it looks like right now (minus the awesome plank wall which you will see later). I need to get on this. Stat.

Opening up her Valentine’s Day present

Chris and Kyler spoiled me for Valentine’s Day… can NOT wait for the prenatal massage.

This weekend we have been on Potty Training Bootcamp, aka the 3 day, never leave your house and your kid’s side, no more diapers, millions of accidents, etc. Not too many photos, because A) There is Zero time to do anything else than watch your child like a hawk and remind them every .2 seconds to “tell us when you need to potty” and B) don’t really want photos Kyler in her undies on the World Wide Web.

I did however think I was going to tackle going through Kyler’s old clothes (kept all of them because ya know, just in case #2 kid was a girl) and I am immediately regretting my decision. Holy. Clothes.

I am beyond exhausted from this weekend (not out of the thick of it yet… 3 day method for us is going into overtime) but thanks to Grandma, we get to keep trying. Good. Night.

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