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TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

13 Jan

This week I am bringing you all clothing for your little ones! I must be burnt out of toys or something 🙂 Head over the Basement State of Mind’s page and see what she is obsessing over!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday :: This Grey House

1. Grey Boots

You may be thinking “Really, more boots?” and I am here to tell you yes. More boots. Actually 2 new pairs to be exact. I love. them. all.

2. Quilted Vest 

I love this vest! So much so that I am strongly considering ordering this for Hudson as we speak…. tyring to thinking of how many more times it will be cold in Florida (I mean like at least 3, right??)

3. Heart Breaker

Again, I may or may not be placing this in my cart for Hud… perfect for any little stud in your life and of course, Valentine’s Day!

4. Ankle Boots

Told ya, more boots! I wish they made these in my size

5. Floral Scarf

I love everything about this. The grey and coral, the pattern on one side with a solid on the back. Beautiful!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

9 Dec

Here for another week of TOTally Obsessed Tuesday! Make sure you head over to Basement State of Mind to see what she is obsessing over!

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday by This Grey House

1. City Select Stroller by Baby Jogger

I should be a spokesperson for Baby Jogger. I am constantly getting stopped when I am out and about and people ask me all of the time what I think about it. I LOVE it. My old (small) complaint is it is a bit heavy, however, still managable. It’s the BEST stroller if you are planning on having more than one kiddo. It’s a single stroller that easily allows you to add the 2nd seat when you need to. Awesome!

2. Happy Munchie Rice Cakes

These are by far Hudson’s favorite thing right now. They have a few different flavors but he loves the apple.

3. Summer Infant Placemat

I have had this thing since Kyler was born but I recently used this again and remembered all over again why it’s great. It rolls up nice and easy and is awesome when you are eating out.

4. Hunter Boots

I want a pair of Hunter Boots and the fact they make these for the little tots makes me want to get Kyler and I a matching pair stat.

5. Ralph Lauren LBD

Doesn’t every girl need a LBD?

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