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Birthday Pranks: Cups

9 Apr

Last time we talked about birthday pranks, I showed you what we did with the plastic wrap. This time, I am talking about cups. This is a pretty straight forward prank and only takes a few cups (okay, maybe more than a few) and some water.

This prank works best if you have a closed or confined area. In this case, this office took over 2000 cups. Start in the back of the room/office and start laying out your cups. If you have other people helping you, it will go much faster. Start filling each cup up with a little bit of water. Keep going until you are at the doorway/front of the room.

The beauty of this prank is that the person can’t just come in and knock all the cups over to get to the desk. They have to take each cup one by one and dump out the water.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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