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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

21 Sep

Sickness is the theme of the week for this family. Throughout the week, Chris and I took turns staying home with them. The nurse said they had Hand, Food and Mouth, however, I am not sold. Kyler didn’t even remotely act sick, just had a temp, but Hudson had a temp followed by a body rash. We thought he was getting better then got sick a few times on Thursday. Regardless, both are troopers and seem to be better now!

He isn’t eating puffs yet but he loves to play with them. Great for fine tuning his fine motor skills!

Look at that boy! Just love him.

He is getting SO good at sitting up by himself too.

Crazy Kyler

We hung with the Gilbertsons the other night. The girls had a dance party.

And sweet Hudson just enjoying the show

We headed to the store today to look at bikes and came across this. So sweet.

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