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Our Family Vacation to the Bahamas

23 Jun

We just got back from a 4 night/5 day stay in the Bahamas and it was so. much. fun. I have been to Nassau several times but they were only for a day and all while vacationing on a cruise ship. My parents and I had been looking at places to go this summer but hadn’t decided on anything. After our cruise in May, I pitched the idea of going and actually staying at the Atlantis. I have always wanted to stay at the property rather than just visit it for a few hours. After some research and talking to some friends that visit there often, we were booked for June!

For those of you that don’t know much about the Atlantis, it is comprised of 6 different parts; Beach Tower, Coral Tower, Royal Towers, Harborside Marina, The Cove, and The Reef. We opted for The Reef as they had 2 bedroom suites that were equipped with a full kitchen, perfect for the kiddos. They are, after all, resident style rooms. It also shared a private beach and pool with The Cove so it was going to be less crowded and more upscale then other parts of the resort.

The Reef was beautiful. Our room was great! They gave us a crib for Hudson, there was a pull out bed for Kyler, and a king size bed for us. We had our own bathroom and balcony. There was also a main living room and kitchen, and another king size bedroom and bathroom off the living area. It is the furthest tower from the action, however, with the constant shuttles running, we never really found it to be an issue.

The view from our room

We stopped at the grocery store on the way in and stocked up on breakfast and lunch items. We also brought a ton of snacks and dry items with us. Food at the Atlantis is absolutely absurd in pricing. We fully expected it to be expensive, however, it really is just silly. To combat that, the kids had breakfast and lunch in the room and we just snacked on small things until dinner. This helped save some serious $$.

The service was great as well. I had read some not so flattering reviews online, however, our experience was great! Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I am not sure if it was because we stayed at The Reef or what but we were happy!

Shuttle ride!

The kids LOVED the kid water area. It had 4 slides just her size and we spent a lot of time there.

One of my favorite things about the place is their lazy aka not so lazy river. I was so happy that Kyler was big enough to go down it and she loved it!

The pools are great and the kids loved them all!

Big Hud the Stud!

We spent more time on the beach than I thought we would. The beach was covered in tiny little shells so that kept Kyler busy and Hudson LOVES to play in the sand!

The Marina Village was a fun place to go at night for dinner and ice cream.

We usually walked back to the room for dinner and made stops along the way.

We would stop along the way and look at the flowers and pick up the nice ones that fell off the tree

The aquariums at the Atlantis were another highlight for the kids

With a full casino, there was plenty to do at night. It just so happened that I had co-workers staying at the resort down street at the same time we were there so we were able to meet up one night!

Another dear friend and former co-worker of mine actually works down there in paradise so it was so much fun to catch up with her!

We had a dolphin experience included in our stay so my mom and I decided to do it and Kyler was free so that was a bonus. We suited up (even little Hud!) and were ready to go. Hudson was so tired already that he was just too fussy to go. He watched from the beach and seems perfectly fine with that 🙂

After 5 days in paradise, we headed back home. We loved Atlantis and had a blast. I would definitely go back and we agreed that the length of stay we did was perfect. It didn’t fly by but we were not bored one bit. It was great to have my parents there as my kids are obsessed with them. They would watch the kids and Chris and I would run off, do some of the water parks, then take turns hanging with the kiddos in the pool. The weather was absolutely PERFECT and had sunshine the entire time. We never left the resort as we didn’t feel as though we needed to. Atlantis, thanks for living up to the expectations and hope to see you again soon!!!!



First Family Vacation as a Party of Four

27 Aug

This past week we took our first vacation as a family of four. Last September, I won a weekend trip to Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida (about a hour and 20 minutes away). I debated using it as a “babymoon” before Hudson arrived but we heard it was great for families and Kyler would love it so we decided to wait until after he arrived. Chris’ 35th birthday was on Tuesday so I thought last weekend would be a perfect weekend to use it. It was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun! I will say, traveling with 2 small kids is definitely stressful, especially when one doesn’t sleep well and one wants to stay up late. Regardless, it was nice to hang out by the beach and pool and have some family time!

She was so excited to help with her own bags. And it was really helpful for us too!

We hit up the pool as soon as we got there

Family Selfie!

She had fun playing on the beach. Considering how close we live to the beach, it’s pretty bad we haven’t been in a year.

She wanted to catch a fishy so bad. A guy next to us was fishing and let her have a fish he caught. So nice of him!

Hudson’s first time at the beach!

Just me and my babes

Love this

The ocean was so calm!

Too cute

They had a big slide there that went pretty fast. Kyler went down once and bumped her head and that was the end of that.

This dude kept passing out everywhere 🙂

Out cold

Just having fun in the lazy river!

Sweet Kyler

Me and my girl

They love each other ❤ Hudson also loves to pull her hair 🙂

Just love them to pieces!

It made me excited to plan a vacation for next summer! By then, Hudson will be running around too and it will be even more fun!

Turks and Caicos: Family Vacation Part 2

15 Jul

Since the post was turning into a long one, I decided to break it up. Read about the first part of the trip here (mainly focuses on the resort).

The island of Provo was really nice too. It is pretty expensive, however. The water and beaches are clearly THE reason to head there as it’s just too pretty to describe. The island isn’t too big and there wasn’t much beauty on the island itself. That is okay though because again, the beaches are FANTASTIC. The weather was unreal. Even in the 90s, the ocean breeze kept it comfortable and I found myself “cold” sometimes coming out of the water when the clouds were around. When it rained, it poured quickly and the sun was right back out.

The resort sits on the famous Grace Bay Beach. It’s beautiful. Look at this beach and water!

 Kyler had a great time in the water!

and a great time playing in the sand!

Beautiful sunset ❤

We rented a car one day and went exploring…not the best idea. Normally, we find our way around just find but there are practically no road signs there and the map given to us wasn’t much better. I had read about all these other beaches but couldn’t find the access point to them. Fail. If you decide to do this, research well!

We did come across some great look outs from other parts of the island!

View from Turtle Tain, on the South part of the island.


Chalk Sound- wow, what a view!


We ate lunch at a place called Bugaloo’s which is in the Five Cays part on the South part of the island. They specialize in conch (the island speciality). The guys at the restaurant were just pulling in the day’s catch. He showed us how they get the conch out and even cut off a piece to me to eat fresh!

Doesn’t get fresher than that!

I bought a shell off of him for $10 too. Excited to add it to the shell we found in Bora Bora during our honeymoon!

View from the restaurant

Snorkeling the reefs right off the beach was definitely the highlight of my trip. I love me some good ole nature and it didn’t get much better than that. I really wanted to get certified at the dive shop at the resort but we didn’t want to stick Kyler at kids camp too much or make my parents watch her the entire time. I hear diving there is unreal so maybe we will try that another time.

Snorkeling the Bight Reef

The Bight Reef was about a 10 minute walk down the beach from out hotel. It isn’t a huge spot, however, there were plenty of things to see! The middle part is roped off so people don’t damage it. It did get a little too crowded at times for my likely but it was still worth the walk. We went snorkeling 4 times at this spot since it was so convenient! We hit this spot up at all different times. I was so damn determined to find a turtle that we snorkeled at 7:30 in the morning on our last day…. and it was our best trip yet!! We saw much more fish since we were the only ones there. Fish were everywhere!!!

We saw so many Lionfish when it was just us there!

Yellowtail Snapper school



Big ole Barracuda. Not a huge fan of these guys but ran into them on about half of our trips.

Little Stingray

 Manta Ray about 15 feet down


Trumpet fish


On my LAST trip of the vacation (8 snorkel trips to find him), I FINALLY found my little Sea Turtle!!

Walk back to the resort.

 I had read that Smith’s Reef (the other reef right off the beach) was a great area to snorkel. It was about a 30 minute walk from our resort (and that was practically speed walking). There are no marked off areas and it’s super hard to find once you’re in the water. The first time, we didn’t see very much but that is our fault. We (mainly I) underestimated the time it would take to walk there and my parents were watching Kyler so we rushed ourselves. Note to self, don’t do that. The 2nd time we stopped by here, we drove in a car and that was much better 🙂 The water was a lot rougher than the Bight due to the wind directions at this spot. It’s also located near a marina so you need to pay extra attention to the boats and buoys. There was no one there when we were there both times which made it nice. I was a little nervous since I had no idea where I was going (and you can get pretty far from the beach since it’s so massive) but it was worth it. Less fish than the Bight but the coral was really pretty!

Longggg walk back





2 other snorkel trips, we headed out on the boat provided by the hotel. They didn’t take us too far out at all but there are so many little reefs around to explore so it was fun!

Chris found this Flounder just hanging out.

 Pretty coral

Reef Squid!!

 Lobster hiding in there.




 I LOVED Providenciales (kept telling my parents we should buy a beach house there… in my dreams). I can’t wait to go back and explore the island even more!


We had an amazing trip and I HIGHLY recommend trying it out 🙂

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