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A Sprinkle for Hudson

26 Feb

This past weekend, a few of my girlfriends thew Hudson and I a little baby sprinkle to celebrate him coming soon!

They did a “She’s about to POP theme” so all of the food was themed around that. Too cute!

Opening our gifts with friends and family ❤

Room decor for his room!

Look at the belly, whoa!

Towards the end, the girls came back over from my house (Kendra and I live 5 houses down for each other)

Big hugs for Mommy ❤

She’s excited to meet her brother

Thanks to everyone who came!!

My twin for the day, Shannon, and Miss Reese

So happy Hannah (who is 3 days older than Kyler) got to come and play with the girls! Thanks Sarah and Amanda for coming too!!!

Love my family!

Thanks to the Maris(s)a’s for everything!

And Jenn too!!!

And Kendra!!! Although we forgot to get a picture, fail!!!

My momma, Kyler and I

And of course, the big guy and I. Love him!

Thanks to everyone!!! Love you all! And again, THANK YOU to Kendra, Jenn, Marissa, and Marisa for planning everything! Love you all too 🙂

Throwback Thursday

16 Jan



December 5, 2010

The family and I went to Ice! at the Gaylord Palms. We had a nice family brunch and then headed into the cold. Love this picture of all of us. ❤ Miss you Craig.

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

13 Oct

Kyler has been a big Daddy fan this week. She has this book called “I love you Daddy” that she always has him read to her. So sweet ❤

My bestie Jenn and her sweet little man came out to Orlando to visit us. Greyson is 10 weeks old and is such a good baby!!

After dinner, we rode our bikes up to get some Sweet Frog frozen yogurt 🙂


Grandma bought new shoes for her… too cute! This kid is WAY trendier than her momma.

This morning, we went out to breakfast at our favorite place Keke’s with the Gilbertson’s.

After breakfast, we went to the pumpkin patch!

It is really a horse farm so of course Kyler was more interested in that.

Kyler and Kenley!

When did they get so big?!

Best buds!

So this was the girls for Halloween 2012…..

And this is now….

SOOO crazy to see how much they have changed in one year!

The Jenkinson’s (all FOUR of us)

Kyler Bug!

Thanks Kendra for taking the photos!!!

Daddys’ girls

This face melts my heart ❤

Color time!

Time to root for the Patriots!

Having fun with Daddy-O

Pats won in the last minute so Chris and Kyler ran around the house screaming. And so it begins…

We had such a nice family weekend and that always makes Mondays that much harder. Kyler has her last big test with swim lessons tomorrow…. she goes in the water dressed in winter clothes! She will nail the test, I’m sure! She is turning into a little fish!


Have a great week!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

21 Apr

Before I even get into our week, I would like to take this moment to recognize the victims of the horrible tragedy in Boston this past week. I can’t even imagine being in their shoes and feeling what they have felt this past week. The entire situation is so sad and infuriating at the same time. For the 4 people who lost their lives, their families, and all of the people who will be forever impacted by these events, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Kyler had themed days at school this week! Wednesday was crazy hat and sock day and this is about as crazy as we got!

Friday was PJ day…. you can tell this is early 🙂

Today, we went to SeaWorld with The Gilbertsons!

Apparently it was twin day and the girls got the memo!



Their first ride!

Back home!

Kyler’s “garage”

I told you a few posts back that Kyler was having some fun on the piano…. well since our piano is digital, it comes with a bunch of “tunes” or beats already installed. I have also told you that Kyler is a dancing machine…. see for yourself 🙂

Another one:

New bath toy = so much fun!

Story time

This chair may be too small…..

Love her!

You know she is tired she is trying to climb into bed!!! Night night 🙂

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