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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

9 Nov

We made a few fires this weekend. Kyler loves them and loves smores and hot cocoa even more.

Work! I am on the M

Trying to capture pictures of this kid is becoming more and more difficult!

We did some shopping this weekend!

We met with my friend Alexis for lunch at the mall

For Kyler of course ❤

Oh how I love this swingset. Keeping the kiddos occupied.

So Chris and I joke that Chris always “gumped” the photo, aka ruined it by having his eyes closed and looks like Hudson is taking after him!

Baby yoga

SO SO close to crawling!

She is so sweet to him…….

So many applesauces to choose from

She is doing so great with her bike! Can’t wait to get her a big girl bike!

Beautiful Florida sunset

Another night of hot cocoa by the fire…. mini Michelle here! Well sub the cocoa for coffee 🙂

Even Hudson joined!

She. is. ridiculous.

Yum  ❤

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

1 Dec

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and great holiday weekend!

We had to make cupcakes for Thanksgiving so Kyler got in on the action!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house. Our dinner table!

My cute little cousin Emma made these place cards for dinner.

This is what I am thankful for each and every second of every single day ❤

Kyler and her Uncle Josh!

We came home to this….. ugh these dogs drive me nuts sometimes!!

We enjoyed a nice fire on a really chilly Florida night with the Gilbertson’s. Our intention was to make smores but we were all stuffed!

Hard to see but the girls enjoyed a snack by the fireside

I just love having these big sliding doors at this time of the year!

We also put up most of the Christmas lights outside. Kyler was such a good helper!

I’m coming Daddy!

Kenley and fam was out for a walk. Kenley approved!

Just need to add a few more things and we are good to go!

I am feeling pretty accomplished too! I got a lot of Christmas shopping done and made some really good progress on Kyler’s 2nd birthday…. OMG she will be 2 in less than 2 months!! We had such an enjoyable holiday weekend! I hope you did too!

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