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Birthday Trip to the Florida Keys

4 May

I turned 30 this year and wanted to take a trip somewhere warm. When Chris and I found out in February that we were expecting again, I knew it would be a family vacation and somewhere nearby would be perfect. I love the Keys and was excited to go back!

We stayed at Hawks Cay on Duck Key (right before Marathon). It was a perfect set-up for us and was a lot of fun. The resort was nice, especially for the Keys where places can be a little dated. This was no exception. While there were some really nice things about the room and place, some other areas needed work. We opted for a 3 bedroom villa in the Harbor side. We were bringing the boat and got a boat slip right outside our room. That was a huge bonus for us.

We arrived Thursday and didn’t get to do much other than a Publix trip while the kids played in the kiddie area. First tropical drink of vacation (not the same without alcohol).

Dinner with a view

After dinner, we stopped by to see the dolphins. They could stay there all day long.

Friday morning, we headed out on the boat later than we wanted.

We went to a reef, Coffin’s Patch, nearby. It was ok, nothing too fancy but fun because Kyler tried to snorkel for the 1st time! She didn’t like the taste of the salt water so she didn’t last too long.

We stopped at a nearby sandbar on the way back. I almost stepped on this guy!

So a boat is the baby whisper for Hudson. He passed every single boat ride and the seas were ROUGH Friday and Saturday…funny kid.

View on the way back

We stopped by a restaurant on the way back… Kyler loves boat drinks.

Hudson is a happy but crazy little guy

Play some music for this girl and she loves to bust a move!

In hindsight, we should have headed to the reef I really wanted to go to but we didn’t realize how rough it would be Friday or Saturday. Cruising down to the 7 mile bridge. After lunch, we attempted to head out to Sombrero Reef but the seas were just too rough so we had to turn around. Bummer.

Best buds ❤

Since we ended the boat ride early, we played in the lagoon and the pool for the rest of the day!

and then there were 3 Jenkinson kids!

We headed back to the restaurant on the water and had dinner. Kyler fed the fish so she was a happy girl.

We watched the sun set over the water and it was so pretty!

My mini ❤

This tiny thing jumped in our boat. Chris and Kyler tried to put it in the water but it was stuggling. They put it back in the bucket and we took it back to the resort with us. We assumed she was on the side of our boat and jumped in the second she had the chance. We put Minnie, the name Kyler gave her, back on the rocks where she most likely came from.

More pool time! This kid is a FISH and just wants to swim, swim, swim!

We headed down to Key West for my birthday for some shopping and dinner. We stopped by Sunset Pier on the way out.

It was a great trip (minus the colds Hudson, Kyler and now myself have) and loved spending time with my family! I love the Florida Keys and can’t wait to go back (just next time not pregnant!)

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

2 May

Picture day at school!

This is how we watch TV

First flower of the season!

Fun times at Grandma’s house

Planting seeds with Dad. She got a butterfly garden kit and is excited for her plants to grow.

Love my Ammo boy

We spent my 30th birthday weekend in the Florida Keys! I turned 30 on Sunday and I am officially out of my twenties 😦

And we announced that we are expecting our third baby! I am 14 weeks (tomorrow) and due November 1st. And no, don’t know the sex yet and we are actually not going to find out!

More pictures of the Keys vacation to come!

I am currently unpacking and doing laundry while trying not to pass out because I caught the cold Hudson has 😦


Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

27 Apr

My little cookie monster ❤


Fun times at Grandma and Poppa’s

He found K’s old bedtime friend. Apparently he liked it too 🙂

We left the kids with my parents and headed down to Key Largo for a wedding. Dinner and drinks on the water.

On Saturday, we left the hotel at 8am and headed to Islamorada for coffee. Chris had never been to the Keys so I figured we could go to another key so he could see a bit more. Well Islamorada turned into Marathon which turned into heading to Key West. 2 hours later, we were there 🙂

After a walk around Mallory Square and a little farmer’s market, we hit up Sloppy Joe’s for a quick drink

We also hit up Irish Kevin’s (a personal fav during my Bachelorette Party)

On our way out, we stopped by the beach and wow. What a view.

We rushed back to the hotel and celebrated Rob and Lauren’s wedding on the beach. Beautiful ceremony!

The boys back together again.

It was a beautiful night spent on the beach in Key Largo

After a fun but quick trip in the Keys, we headed back home on Sunday. We stopped at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami on the way back. This was a delayed anniversary present to ourselves. This is a private sanctuary that does tours to raise money to help more animals. A few shots!

One of the very cool things about this place is that you get up close and personal with some of their beautiful animals.

Eurasian Eagle Owl. He was so sweet!

Baby pig!

Chris wanted to hold the snake. Me, not so much.

If alligators stayed this size, I would totally have one!

Beautiful baby!

Alcide the Timber Wolf! He was the biggest sweetie!!!!!

Sweet baby Capuchin!

My favorite type of monkey!

Chung, the Lar Gibbon

Look at his sweet face!

One of the big reasons we came to this place was to be up close and personal with a baby Tiger. We had the honor and privilege to meet a few baby felines!

5 week old Bengal Tiger. He has 4 other siblings as well. His mommy and daddy are on property too.

We also got to meet 2 baby Amur Leopards. There is roughly 50-60 left in the world. How beautiful!!!

I am in heaven

We were able to meet Thor, a baby Caracal too.

I could watch all of the play forever

It was one of the coolest and most touching moments of my life! I am a HUGE animal lover and to have the chance to interact with them was a dream. I can’t wait to go back! I just wish they were closer because I would LOVE to volunteer or help them. What a great place that is doing great things for these animals!

As much as I didn’t want to leave, I was sure eager to get home to see these faces ❤

Sweet Hud has caught a cold and wasn’t feeling well. Can’t tell from this picture!

It was a GREAT weekend enjoying our beautiful Florida weather.

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