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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

9 Feb

We started off the week on quite the lazy front. We were still tired from the birthday party the weekend before and Chris’s parents had traveled back home.

I did get to see Hudson this week which is always fun 🙂

I have been measuring a week or two ahead this pregnancy and they decided to order me an ultrasound just to see how big this little guy is. I was 32 weeks on Friday and he was was measuring at 34 weeks. Not really sure if that even matters but it should be interesting to see what the doctor says!

We also started/completed Hudson’s Plank Wall.

More pictures to come!

We had some of this yummy goodness this week 🙂

Kyler enjoyed it too.

Sofia the First folks

Shopping at Lowes!

After a long and busy weekend, here’s to what is hopefully a nice week. Next weekend we are on Potty Training Bootcamp (aka lock yourself inside the house and try and train a 2 year to use the potty). Wish us luck!

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