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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons: Happy Easter!

31 Mar


First, let’s go over the week. I don’t have too many photos because Kyler started the week off sick. Then by the middle of the week, I had what Kyler had and have been dealing with that all week. Chris started feeling not so good last night so needless to say, it has been a somewhat unproductive week.  Chris and I were able to make it out to a lunch and movie date on Friday while Kyler was in daycare. We went and saw the new GI Joe movie and it was pretty good!

I just love Kyler’s new summer hat!


The week started off a little chilly for us here in Florida but it warmed up enough to make some beautiful days!


Kyler playing the piano. She seemed to pick it up pretty fast 😉

We had a great Easter today over at my parents. Kyler opened up her Easter baskets….

Then, Kyler got to have her first Easter egg hunt and she did awesome!

She found them all!

We had to go inside and open them all up!

The Easter Bunny left Kyler money!!!

More play time!

Kyler also had her first bite of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg….of course she was a fan…

Kyler and Poppa went on a golf cart ride before dinner.

After that, we had a super yummy Ham Easter Dinner made by my Momma and then had to head back to Orlando.

This was a much more laid back than last year’s Easter but that is okay. Each one will hold a special place in my heart. Easter 2012 was Kyler’s first Easter and my last Easter with my brother Craig but this Easter was so much fun hunting for Easter Eggs with Kyler. They are both equally awesome 🙂


How was your Easter weekend? Have a great week!

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