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Special Edition: Mid-Week Update ;)

25 Sep

As you know, each week I update you with things that have been happening in the Jenkinson household. I know I missed ANOTHER post this past Sunday but I think I have a pretty good reason.


Chris and I are happy to announce that we are expecting our 2nd baby and we couldn’t be happier about it! That means Miss Kyler will be a Big Sister which she doesn’t really understand (and to be honest, I don’t think she will until the baby is here).

Big Sister Kyler!

Baby 2.0 is due April 4th which makes me 12 weeks and 5 days to those that are counting πŸ™‚

So for those of you that are curious….

  • We found out on July 28th and confirmed with two preggo tests
  • I have been feeling pretty good thus far, although the fatigue has really kicked my butt. I tend to go to bed pretty late but I have been passed out between 9-10 every night for the past several weeks.
  • Nausea hasn’t been too bad, just when I was hungry, but I was feeling very blah for a few weeks there.
  • Just like with Kyler, I get very “out of breath” feeling and dizzy in the mornings which means I move even slower than before.
  • The headaches have started but I have my little tricks to make them go away πŸ™‚
  • And holy cow, as soon as I found out I felt my stomach get thicker almost instantly. I was freaking out that at that rate I would be big by now but I am happy to say I have stayed the same size for a few weeks now. I guess it just happens quicker which is what I am hearing and reading πŸ™‚

Overall, I am feeling good and am excited to enter my 2nd trimester! We areΒ so excited to meet the new little guy/gal and expand our little family of 3 to 4!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

11 Aug

Pillow fight! Kyler won πŸ™‚

Kyler checking out New Zealand

It was water day at school so she got to bring her backpack in. Such a big girl.

Just having some din din

This weekend, my friend Marisa and I drove down to Ft. Myers to surprise our friend Marissa (confused yet) with a weekend visit!!!

Stopped at Fenway South (sorry Chris!)

Meanwhile back at home… Chris busted his butt working on the sprinkler system and new sod and trees went in!

The girls are happy to have their backyard back!

and so is Kyler!

I had a fun weekend spending time with my girlfriends but it was nice to get home to these two ❀

I just miss her so much every time I am not with her!

Realllllyyyy hoping our pool gets finished this week. Chris’ sister Jen and our nephew Matt is coming to visit and it would be nice to have our house put together!!


Hope you had a great weekend! Here’s to another week!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

14 Jul

I am back!!! I know I took a week off but a) I warned you and b) I don’t care because my butt was on a beach!

Kyler loves a good game of peek-a-boo

Before the holiday, a few of our friends came over for dinner & wine.

We celebrated the 4th of July downtown Avalon Park. We walked around with The Gilbertson’s then hit Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt.

The next morning, we were on our way to the airport to spend a week in the Turks and Caicos!!!

More to come on this trip later….

Kyler missed her toys.

When we left, our backyard looked like this…..

When we got home, it looked like this!

I will post a separate post on the trip later! Hope everyone had a great week!

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