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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

9 Mar

My almost 1 year old!

Kyler is signed up for soccer this spring so she has been asking to play recently. Can’t wait!

The temperatures are heating up here in Florida and we are using this guy more and more

Hud LOVES his sports…. hopefully that is a sign of good things to come!

The Beast is hanging out at 24 pounds so it’s much easier to strap him in the Ergo while we wait for the penguins at Sea World

Doubles as a nice teether too apparently

Selfie time!

On the penguin ride…Hudson was big enough to ride in his own seat. Look at those cheeks!

He loved the penguins!

I think she would jump in if she could

Next stop, the seals. Kyler thought it was pretty cool you could feel the seals….or if you are Kyler “They aren’t seals Mommy, they are sea lions.” Well Kyler, they had both so we are both right 🙂

We are big enough for the Shamu coaster and of course, Kyler loves her roller coasters

After Sea World, we stopped by Amigos for some Tex-Mex, beers and Sangria. I just love these two!!!!

Best buds ❤

While half of Orlando seemed to be at the inaugural MLS Orlando City Soccer game Sunday night, I was holding down the fort at the Amway Center rooting on the Magic vs the Celtics. We were victorious, City Soccer ended in a tie (I guess it’s better than nothing) and I was home and able to tell Kyler good night (well thanks for Daylight Savings time and a kid that doesn’t sleep). Happy Monday!

Hello Fall

22 Oct

Fall is my favorite season. I know that may sound silly being that I live in Florida and our Falls aren’t really traditional, however, the weather is usually gorgeous and it brings boots, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and I love all those things.

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

12 Oct

So this happened this past week. I had a work function at the skating rink and it brought me straight back to my childhood.

Ahhh how I LOVED the skating rink 🙂

Just hanging out while I get ready for work. I mean his cuteness is just too much sometimes

And then there is this one…. she is my little model for sure. So. damn. pretty.

❤ ❤ ❤

This guy has been practicing his rockin’ skills

The moment anything gets within reach of him he is going for it!

His eyes are just unreal! (as are Kyler’s). I am definitely the odd man out.

We have been using the swingset a lot these days!

On Friday, we took Kyler and Hudson to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom.

Kyler was the Zarina, the Pirate Fairy. I figured this was the best time for her to meet Tinkerbell

We also saw Belle. She loves being a part of the story.

She loves the carousal and she loves her Poppa!

We have been to Magic Kingdom countless times and just noticed Rapunzel’s tower in the back

Meeting Captain Jack Sparrow. She was excited to meet another pirate

Dancing before the parade started

She even made it to the fireworks!

Early morning tennis season with Bug

Rocking the 2 seater cart at Target for the first time!

She just loves her baby brother!

My idea of Sunday Funday now!

The kids!

I love my weekends with my sweet family. I am about to get even busier with work so I try and spend as much free time with them as I can!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

5 Oct

These cheeks…. Can’t get enough of them

This boy grabs EVERYTHING now.

She loves her ice cream sandwiches

The kids were laying in bed while I was getting ready for work. I peeked in on them and she was cuddling her brother. So. damn. cute. She then asked me “Momma, you wanna take my picture?”

First time in the double cart…. she loved it, he seemed confused

Today was the first sign of Fall for us Floridians. The high was 78 and it was PERFECT out. We took advantage and hit up Disney for a bit.

This is how we rolled most of the day.

Me and my mini on the carousel

Blurry selfie on the Winnie the Pooh ride

Waiting for the parade to start

Of course she wanted to sit on my shoulders…

Such a fun yet short weekend with my babes…. Looking forward to next weekend! We are going back to Disney and taking her to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for the first time!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

21 Sep

Sickness is the theme of the week for this family. Throughout the week, Chris and I took turns staying home with them. The nurse said they had Hand, Food and Mouth, however, I am not sold. Kyler didn’t even remotely act sick, just had a temp, but Hudson had a temp followed by a body rash. We thought he was getting better then got sick a few times on Thursday. Regardless, both are troopers and seem to be better now!

He isn’t eating puffs yet but he loves to play with them. Great for fine tuning his fine motor skills!

Look at that boy! Just love him.

He is getting SO good at sitting up by himself too.

Crazy Kyler

We hung with the Gilbertsons the other night. The girls had a dance party.

And sweet Hudson just enjoying the show

We headed to the store today to look at bikes and came across this. So sweet.

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

27 Jul

Just goofing off before bedtime

Already getting into Mommy’s shoes and jewelry

All snuggled up for bed

Kyler read Batman to Hudson before bed. No joke, he was super into it.

Holy rolls!!! Love my little chub bub

So sad this is blurry but hard to keep steady when little Miss is sitting next to you 🙂

The fruit and sorbet at Bahama Breeze are no joke. Yummy!

Hit up the park for Kyler’s 2.5 year old pictures. Her best bud Kenley!!

Just love them to pieces!

And of course the many faces of Hudson

Working on his fitness

Swimming in the lazy river!

She loves her Grandma and Poppa

Buddy boy is getting so great at grabbing for his toys!

Puzzles with Kyler. It amazes me how smart she is getting ❤

Tonight, we are working on getting everything hooked up and running with the new computer….and the new cable modem. Ours got struck by lightning yesterday 😦 Thankfully, everything was on a power surge so the only thing that went was the modem.

Nighty night!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

29 Jun

Mr. Serious

This is how I watch the World Cup.

Later that evening, I stuck around for the Magic Draft Party and to see our 1st round draft picks.

I mean, really?!?! Is he not the cutest??

Miss Kyler is FINALLY letting us read to her again. I finally found the trick. I have to tell her “It’s Daddy/Mommy’s turn to read and then when he/I am done then it’s Kyler’s turn. Only took 6 months to figure that out!!! She is into Green Eggs and Ham right now.

A very hot (95 degrees) weekend meant time in the pool!

Even Hudson got in! His first time in the pool! Look at that chunky boy 🙂

Kyler has been having fun “jumping” into the pool. By jumping I mean flopping on her belly.

I know it may not look like it here but Hudson actually liked the pool! Side note: Kyler looks ridiculous in this picture. Goofy girl plus a belly full of air and pool water.

Mean muggin’

My fishy

Loungin’ with Mom

Fun times in the exersaucer

She loves him

Princess Sofia everyone

Kyler: “Hello? I am on the phone with Daddy” Me: “Oh, you are? Is it important?” Kyler: “Yeah, I am on an important call”

Mighty cute indeed

Dress-Up and baby dolls

This happened. I have GOT to start working out…. this baby weight needs to go and needs to go fast!

Pretty little thing

Kyler does what Kyler wants… like sitting right on Dad

Was pretty excited to see this today at Publix, decided to try it out!

It was a busy weekend full of quality time with my babes. Looking forward to a short week at work then more quality time with them!!! Have a great holiday week!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

2 Jun

I can’t even handle his cuteness

Such a happy boy 🙂

Hudson had some fun with his buddies this week! We had lunch with Jackson. They are about 2 weeks apart! He is such a cutie 🙂

He also saw his pal Greyson. Greyson wanted to get to him so bad 🙂 A few more months buddy!

We stopped by to see our cousins too. Kyler having some fun with the boys, Cole and Reid.

Hudson is his happiest after a good night’s sleep. Aren’t we all?

Those cheeks!

Soaking up all the cuddle time I can with him. This is my last week of maternity leave [insert tears here]

Mr. Hudson

Trying to take a selfie but Kyler was too engrossed in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hudson, well he doesn’t know what is going on 🙂

She loves her baby brother. She is such a good helper too 🙂

We headed down to the Aunt’s house this week for my baby cousin’s high school graduation party (ugh, starting to feel old). This was the spread, delicious!

My cousin Charlie, Dad, and Hudson

We hit up Magic Kingdom for a little bit before we had to pick up P’Pa and Nana from the airport. Hudson was ready to go in his 6-9 month Mickey Shirt (ridiculous, remember is his 2 months old). Thanks again to Aunt Jenn Jenn for getting it for him 🙂

Since thunderstorms and rain were in the forecast, we decided to leave the stroller in the car and brave it on foot. Chris wore Hudson and Kyler held my hand. I have to say, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and after it poured rain a couple of times, I was happy we left the stroller in the car.

Thanks to Fast Passes and the rain, Kyler was able to ride 8 rides within 4 hours. Hudson went on 6 himself 🙂

Loves her Dumbo

She went on her first roller coaster!

She looked pretty scared when we were on it but when we pulled back into the station she said “That was a really really fast ride.” I said were you scared or did you love it and she said “I LOVED it!”

It’s a Small World. Kyler told me she didn’t like this one. She was too bored. Go figure.

Ariel’s Daddy

Really loving that we got the annual passes. It’s nice to go to the park for a few hours and ride a few rides.

As I said earlier, this is my last week of maternity leave. Chris’s family is in town this week so we will be on the go spending time with them. Here is to a busy week with family!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

18 May

Hudson cracked his first smile this past week. Can’t wait until he is Mr. Smiley all of the time.

Sometimes Hudson reminds me of my brother Craig 🙂 This is one of those times.

Our day consists of rotating him between me holding him the bouncer and the swing with the occasional tummy/floor time.

These came in the mail. Yep, we are now Disney passholders. Kyler’s obsessed with all things Disney and we live in Orlando so why not?

I started working out again this past week. This time I am trying p90x3. We shall see!

Kyler was home a couple of days with me this week. I left her in her playroom for a few minutes so I could get ready (we had to run some errands) and when I came back to get her so we could leave, this is how I found her. She is so random sometimes haha.

We made a trip to my work this past week and Kyler was being so anti-social. As soon as we got in the car, she passed out. Explained a lot!

They love each other

Had fun playing with this cutie!

She wore herself out she ended up passing out!

Kyler joined in while I was doing pushups with p90x. She loves to “work out”

She just loves her brother!

I know he is my kid and all but he is seriously one of the cutest kids ever 🙂

Only 3 more weeks of maternity leave 😦 I am trying to soak up every last minute. Here is to yet another busy week!

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