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Let’s Party! – A Mermaid Tale

4 Feb

When it came time to planning a Mermaid party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday, the first step was planning the invitation!



Next, onto the sign for the “Decorate your own treasure chest station”

I ended up changing some details to it last minute 🙂

Bubble labels

Covered up the old labels with the new Mermaid ones!

Food labels

Here are samples of the different ones I made

I love creating invitations and other party designs for parties! It was super fun using all of these cute mermaids and other accessories along with these bright colors. Hope you like it!

A Mermaid Tale: 2nd Birthday Party

31 Jan

Kyler picked a mermaid theme for her 2nd birthday. At first, I wasn’t sure since it can be similar to a nautical theme and if you recall, we did that last year. But if that is what she wants, that is what she gets 🙂


Fish Net/Balloons/Paper Lanterns/Seaweed Streamers

Gift Area


Anywhere Chair/Streamers/Pearl Beads


  Wrapping paper/Cricut cut-outs


Jelly Fish Lanterns (tutorial here)/Paper Mache letters/Conch shells from our trip to Turks and Caicos/Borrowed Starfish

Apothecary jar with sand, letter, starfish and shells

Fishbowl vase with sand and shells

Cricut cut-outs

Flowers in mason jar wrapped in burlap with shells glued to it


Decorate your own treasure chest with markers and foam stickers

After you decorate, fill up your chest for a take home favor!

Food Table

Crab legs- carrot sticks/Sea Cucumbers- cucumbers with ranch dip

Seaweed Dip- Spinach dip

Lemonade (tinted with Powerade Berry drops) & Fruit Punch (White Cran Strawberry Juice, Club Soda, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine, and fresh fruit)

Seashell Pasta- Pasta Salad


Sushi Rolls- Pinwheels and Pizza Roll-Ups from Publix  

Dessert Table

Cardboard cutout wrapped in burlap with shells, flowers, and pearls

Cupcakes by Sweet by Good Golly Miss Holly

Cookies made by me 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!!!

Kyler’s Mermaid Bash!

28 Jan

For Kyler’s 2nd birthday, we went with a Mermaid theme (Kyler’s choice). We had such a good time hanging out with family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came!!!

This girl loves her Poppa

 So excited her bestie showed up!

Love this kid

We coordinated so well!

Decorating treasure chests

Couldn’t have asked for better weather!

Time for a cupcake!


 Time for presents!

 Her cousin Cole helped her with her pretties

Baby Greyson! So cute.

Kyler and her cousins ❤

 This girl is beat

 Happy Birthday Bug!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons X2

27 Jan

I am going to go back 2 weeks because I skipped last week’s (not enough pictures since I was so busy getting ready for Kyler’s birthday).

29 Weeks!

My first real go at decorating cookies….not too bad!

This girl loves her rocks. No clue why but she has a great time collecting them in the backyard.

We celebrated Kyler’s 2nd birthday on Saturday. More pictures to come!

Kyler’s new wardrobe dress-up set

On Sunday, her actual birthday, we took her to the Tampa Lowry Zoo.

Blowing out her candle (thanks to Google+ for making it move like this!)

She was so proud of herself for blowing out the candle that we sang Happy Birthday 4 times 🙂

Playing dress-up before bed…. crazy kid.

We had a GREAT weekend celebrating out big girl but I can’t lie and say I am looking forward to resting up a little bit 🙂 Chris’s parents are in town so it will be nice to spend time with them. Have a great week!

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