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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

11 May

Oh how different this maternity leave is from my last one. Folding Kyler’s clothes while Hudson hangs out.

and of course, tackling this disaster courtesy of Kyler herself

Kyler is a stuffed animal hoarder. The more the better. Here are just a collection of “friends” she sleeps with.

She also started swimming lessons again this past week. She did them last Fall and was great when we finished, however, she was terrified of the pool again.

I love coffee. I also love coffee mugs. I picked up this Rapunzel mug at Disney last week. I figured why not use it while Kyler watched Tangled (for the 120058th time).

Hudson has been wearing 6 months clothes lately (can I please remind you that he is 6 WEEKS old!)

Wakey wakey!

She loves to love on her brother… he on the other hand isn’t so sure about it 🙂

Hudson loves to sit up and look around. So alert!

Kyler had a friend come over on Friday. Hannah and Kyler are 3 days apart and her mom and I have been saying we need to get them together for about, oh 2 years 🙂 Finally made it happen!

Caught her reading my Baby 411 book. Wonder if she picked up any good pointers?

We did LOTS of swimming this weekend.

Funny how in the beginning of the week she went from a scared girl to a little fish! Thank you Ms. Heidi!

All of her friends lined up and watched

So much fun!

Kenley stopped by to say hi but decided she wanted to swim too 🙂

We had dinner over at the Gilbertson’s. Crosby and Hudson hung out 🙂

Kiddo shot!

For Mother’s Day, I am usually with my momma too but she is taking a much deserved vacation right now so we just stayed home and played in the pool.

My sweet baby boy ❤

and my crazy goofy little girl!

Yelling at me to “Get in the water, Mommy!”

Then she steals my glasses. Sneaky girl. (side note: look at that belly full of air!)

Hudson just hangs out and watches

These two are my whole world and make being a mommy the BEST thing that can happen to someone.

Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

13 May

Since it was Mother’s Day and I am a momma, I took the day off and decided to write the blog today so I could relax a little longer.

I made some treats for Kyler’s teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week:

This week was all about preparing for Mother’s Day with some arts and crafts time.

Kyler figured out how to put the stickers on the frame pretty quick. She was proud of herself (as was I :))

We also dove into the paint…. what a mess!

Just love her so much!

Funny little video to go with it 🙂

She made this for me at school!

We headed over to Merritt Island on Saturday to hang out with my parents. Maggie the lap dog.

Sunday morning, Chris made us a yummy breakfast for Mother’s Day. Kyler gave Grandma her gifts!

Kyler’s gift to me! So cute.

Chris turned my blog into a book. So sweet.

The local weather forecasts BLEW it and said it was going going to thunderstorm and rain through out the day so we decided not to go on the boat. The weather ended up being perfect for the boat but that is okay because we went to the Brevard Zoo instead.

Kyler loved the giraffes and rhinos.

She also loved the jaguar and her new baby! They have the same birthday!


Feeding the deer


This is what being a mom is all about…. this little face right here.

Grandma bought Kyler a little giraffe since she loved them so much. It’s been a big hit since she got it.

We went straight to the pool since it was SO hot out. Last week, we went in the pool and Kyler seemed somewhat unsure when she was out of the float…. this time, she was fearless. Almost fearless. Time to book those swimming lessons!

She thought she knew how to swim and kept putting her head underwater.

Back at home reading a story before bed time.

Being a mom is the best feeling in the world and I am so lucky to have such a sweet, beautiful, smart, talented, funny (the list can go on and on) little girl. I had a great day just hanging out with my sweet family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommas out there!!!

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