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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

23 Mar

We had a nice productive weekend here at The Jenkinson’s. It very well could be the last one we have for a while with Hudson due to arrive any day (12 days and counting people).

She is such a good helper!

Why not wear all your pretties at once?

Or wear your shorts on your head?

We picked up Frozen this week. We loved it!

And had breakfast for dinner. Kyler’s favorite!

Kyler helped Chris and my Dad with the outdoor kitchen this weekend. She had to make sure all the measurements were just right.

For breaks, she played in the sand. The life of a 2 year old!

Today was a good day to head out to the park.

I’m readddyy

Okay so maybe walking to the park while it was 87 degrees out and I am wearing jeans wasn’t the best thing for a lady who could pop at any moment…. but Kyler had a good time.

Playing on the big kids side

She shoots….

She scores!!!

We stopped by Kenley’s house for some backyard fun aka pick up rocks. Kyler’s favorite game!

That’s our week! I have about a week and a half before Hudson is officially due to arrive which we all know doesn’t mean too much. I wouldn’t mind if he decides to come sooner than later though 🙂 Crazy to think we will be a family of four in no time!


Happy Birthday to my big brother in heaven, Craig. I love and miss you buddy!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

6 Oct

My mom watches Kyler 2 days a week and Kyler loves going over to Grandma and Poppa’s. Sometimes my mom takes Kyler out shopping…. one spoiled but trendy little girl!

She came home from school with this cute little hairdo 🙂

Goofy girl!

We have one week left of swimming lessons. Kyler has the clothes test this week! She will get put into the pool fully clothed and have to make her way to the ledge. Daddy and Kyler practiced swimming this week, she is doing so well!

I had a long night of work on Saturday night. We had a HBO Live Boxing Event in the building. Pretty cool event!

Today we went to the toy store (found a $25 gift card, score!) and out to lunch. Poor thing couldn’t even make it home.

After our nap (yeah… I napped too), we headed to our weekly trip to Publix. Kyler helped put things on the belt.

Tonight, I made a little Polish feast complete with my Grandma’s Fried Cabbage and Noodles 🙂 She used to make her own dumplings that were amazing but I didn’t really have time for that 🙂 Egg noodles work pretty well!

Finished product! Nothing really healthy here.

We topped off our night with a family movie night. I have been waiting for the Little Mermaid to come out of the vault and it finally has! It is my favorite Disney movie and Kyler was really into it too!

I am still exhausted every night so I pretty much hit the bed early. Work is really picking up and our pre-season starts this week! Pray for me!  Have a great week!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

23 Jun

Kyler has been big into peek-a-boo lately. She plays it all the time and if she thinks she can find a good hiding spot, a peek-a-boo is quick to follow.

Friday night, I worked the Boyz II Men, 98 Degress and NKOTB concert….. oh yes, this is June 2013, not a post from 1995 🙂 I have to admit, it was a GREAT concert.

Meanwhile at home, Kyler was hanging out with Dad. Sometimes she comes home with a pony tail and apparently her hair wouldn’t move after he took it out.

Many morning faces of Kyler.

My other “kids”

She has been big into saying “cheese” while looking at herself in my phone.

Tonight, we had a family dinner and a movie night! We moved the coffee table out of the way and watched Disney’s Brave while eating pizza (well Chris and I, Kyler really isn’t a fan. She had a couple bites but had peas instead).

Although I had to work a lot this weekend, today was a good day hanging out with my sweet family. I have been slacking on house projects lately (and blog posts) but can’t seem to find the time! After our vacation, we are getting serious! Under 2 weeks and we will be in the Turks and Caicos! Can’t wait!

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