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Let’s Party! – Nautical Inspired

3 Jan

I have always loved creating things. I am not a great artist so drawing, painting, etc are out the window. I can come up with something in my head but couldn’t get it on paper. That’s where I find my love with the computer. I have always loved playing around on the computer and making my own little invites, etc but have really gotten into it with my new “Do it Myself” attitude. I find things online that I LOVE but then think, why just not come up with something myself? So with that, I have been playing with Photoshop more and reintroducing myself to it. Slowly but surely I will get there but in the meantime, I am having fun doing it!

One of the first projects I took on was my daughter’s first birthday. Her theme was nautical so I found all sorts of cute fonts and things to play with.


Thank You Card

Push Pop Labels

Food Labels

Door Decor

I was approached via the blog about this invitation for a little boy. She was doing orange and navy and I told her I would help out. I think it came out cute!

Can’t wait to share other projects I have worked on!!

Kyler’s Nautical First Birthday Party

28 Jan

For sweet Kyler’s first birthday, we decided to make her birthday party a nautical theme complete with anchors, whales, stripes, pink and navy! I started working on making things for her party well in advance so I didn’t have to stress out and stay up night after night working on her birthday party…. yeah…. I still did that. Not sure where I went wrong or perhaps I kept adding to my already long list of to-do’s but I felt like a Christmas Elf on Christmas Eve for the last month now. The day before the party I told my mom that next year we are going to Disney for her birthday. I am half-joking, half serious.

For those of you that don’t know me or my background, I am in the event industry so event and party planning come natural to me and I LOVE to do it. Anytime I can wrap my head around an idea, theme, or project, I tend to go all out (money hindering of course 🙂 ). I ended up making 80% of her decor items so that can be cumbersome. I made the invitations, thank you cards, monthly photo cards, menu cards, other signs around the house, birthday bunting as well as all of the other bunting, ONE letters and KJ letters, and painted all sorts of anchors and whales.

Invites and Thank You cards:

The party came out great and I think Kyler had a great time. Thank you to EVERYONE that helped me with this party 🙂 Pictures are below 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!

Outside decor:


Foyer & Thank You pails for the kiddos.


Kitchen area & Monthly Photos:


Dessert, yum!


Push-Pop cupcakes and cake!

cake collage

Kyler’s First Birthday Cake!


Cake Eating Chair!


Food set-up:



Drink Display:


Family room aka party spot!


My First and My First Holiday photos:



Looking into the backyard:


Now the fun begins…. cake time!



She LOVED the cake ❤


She ate more than I thought she would!

cake collage3

Time to clean up!


The Birthday Girl!


Talking to her cousins in North Carolina on FaceTime.


My love.


Kyler and her cousin Cole. 


Grandpa helping Kyler with her new car.


Opening up gifts.


Cruising along with her new ATV from Grandma and Poppa.


It was a GREAT party and we are so blessed to have such great friends and family that love her to come celebrate her birthday with us! I think Kyler had a great time but the poor girl was tuckered out afterwards.



Well Kyler Nicole, we hope you had the best first birthday a girl could have. We love you so much and are so lucky to be your Mom and Dad ❤

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