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See Ya 2015!

4 Jan

2015 has come and gone. For us, it was a great year. Looking back, we focused a bit more on ourselves and had SO much fun

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In January, Kyler turned 3!

In February, the Patriots won the Super Bowl

In March, Kyler started soccer

And, Hudson turned 1!!

In April, Chris and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary

And, we headed to the Keys for a wedding

I got to cuddle a baby leopard… and tiger ❤

In May, Kyler got her 1st haircut

And, We went on a cruise to the Bahamas with some friends

In June, we went to the Bahamas at stayed at the Atlantis

In July, Hudson got his 1st haircut

In August, we did soccer again

And, I headed to San Francisco for work

In September, Hudson started swim lessons

In October, Chris passed his A/C license exam

And, We took an awesome week long trip up north visiting Washington DC, PA and Hershey Park, New York City and saw snow, picked apples, and lots more

In November, Kyler got glasses

And,  we went to Nashville

In December, we went back to Tennesse for a wedding, Kyler was the Flower Girl

We were BUSY this year!!! Of course not listed are the multiple trips to Disney, Sea World and Crayola Experience, holidays, time spent at the pool and with family and friends, and random fun along the way.

We are looking forward to 2016 and what it has in store for us. Here is to make resolutions and breaking them 🙂

Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015!

1 Jan

Is it really 2015???? Like no joke? I blinked and 2014 went by. So many great things happened in 2014 but obviously the best thing was our sweet Hudson was born in March. He has been the best addition to our family and we could not imagine our lives without him. Adding a 2nd kiddo to the bunch has really sped up time. We had a blast with Kyler, although she was in her terrible twos (still is). We made great memories 🙂 There were lots of Disney trips thanks to us being annual passholders, potty training failures at first but then success at last, and lots of swim time, Kyler turned into a little fish by the end of the summer! The holidays were AMAZING and we did some really fun things!

Going into 2015, I know I want to stop and enjoy life more. I know this one will be hard considering we are always on the go but when we can, I want to just sit home and relax. I don’t mean cutting out our Disney trips, new fun activities or trips back home, but I mean just slowing down where we can. Mainly I am talking about all of the errands. I need to be more strategic with my errand time we we aren’t out all day on a Saturday running from store to store. Considering we are going to be adding soccer to our Saturday mornings and possibly gymnastics to the mix, I know our time will be stretched even thinner so I really need to  get a handle on the all day errand sprees (my wallet will thank me too). Also, 2015 is the year for new clothes for Chris and I! Haha, it may sound silly but I HAVE to start spending some of the clothes money on ourselves and not so much on Kyler. Our wardrobes are in dire need!

This year will bring a lot of fun things I am looking forward too. Hudson will be 1 in March and will be moving into toddlerhood. Kyler will be 3 in a few short weeks, which she is thrilled about. As a mentioned above, she will be starting soccer and I am thinking about getting her into gymnastics which will help with all of that energy she has! Chris and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in April! Hopefully we will have more time to have date nights, especially since the kids are getting older!

How many times can I putting working out on my New Years post? Well, I must say that HAS to be the trend of 2015. Finding time to sneak in a quick 30 minute work out. I am hoping since I will stop nursing soon I can get to bed earlier which will help with my energy levels. Thankfully, the baby weight has left me but that doesn’t mean I am in the best of shape. I definitely need to work out to tone up and Chris wants to shed some weight soon so maybe we can finally come up with a system!

What are you wishing for 2015? Have a Happy New Years!

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