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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

31 May

Dinner with Kyler are so entertaining

Hud and Kyler are basically twins 2 years apart.

Just feeding her brother some cheese at Publix

Saturday morning, we had Kyler’s last soccer game of the season

Afterwards, we had a little pool party with some friends

Hudson had a great time after his nap!

Fun times by all!

My twin!!

My little fishy

Food Trucks with friends!

Great weekend hanging by the sun, getting things done around house, and relaxing with some sick kiddos. Hopefully we were able to sleep away the colds today so they are ready to go tomorrow!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

4 May

Goof ball

A) She looks so old here B) She looks like a pro here

Love his happy face

Sweet guy was sick all last week. He stayed home from school for 3 days. Lots of snuggle time was to be had.

On Friday, I headed out to lunch with my family for my birthday. 29 years old!

And then it was time to set sail on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas.

Happy Birthday to me!

We had some cloudy weather and some great weather and overall, I had a blast!

I am sad it is over and but happy to be back. I am exhausted! Looking forward to a slower week & weekend for sure!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

19 Apr

This has been a great week. Our season has winded down and I feel like I can finally breathe! I have enjoyed a couple happy hours, time with my fam and some fun around the pool.

I love me some World of Beer. Especially the one at Lake Eola. This big guy decided to join the party and out of no where, the Lake Eola Swan People (yes, there is such a thing) popped up, picked him up and brought him back to the lake.

Some of my favorites ❤

He is getting so big!

I love watching them play together ❤ ❤

Pretty sure Hud doesn’t realize that that ice cream is fake

I was really excited to head to Monkey Rum’s bottle release. Chris and I have been watching Zane Lamprey and his shows since he started and we love him!

I picked up a bottle of Toasted Coconut and although I am not a huge Rum fan anymore, holy crap is it good!

I felt really bad that Chris couldn’t make its so I asked if he would sign it for him. We had a quick conversation about Chris being awesome and staying at the house with the kids so he was more than happy to help me out.

I picked the kids up a bit early on Friday and was able to watch K in the middle of her dance class. I distracted her a bit but she loved having me there 🙂

He loves to tackle and crawl all over you… I don’t mind the snuggles 🙂

Popcorn and movie with Dad!

Saturday came which meant time for another soccer game

She wasn’t as scared this time around so I am hoping she just keeps improving throughout the season.

Sunday funday at the pool!

Me and my mini!

Lazy afternoon consisted of legos, toe painting, hair braiding, thunderstorm and tacos.

Hope you had a great week as well!

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