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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

23 Jul

So it’s been a month since I have posted and it’s probably the longest I have gone without a weekend post. July has been crazy busy for me and when I have had the very little down time, I have spent it relaxing.

Big guy turned 8 months old… and tomorrow he will be 9 months.

Kyler has been loving gymnastics still. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go but I am looking forward to this week!

Since it’s been ridiculously hot out, we have been in the pool a lot.

Ammo and Lincoln ❤

We had some friends over for the 4th. Merica!

Kids and sparklers… seems like a good idea

They did okay until Hud bumped into Kyler with a hot stick… then the fun was over.

Metallica came into town and it was my favorite concert to date!

Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat opened and I couldn’t have been happier

It was amazing and crazy loud. Couldn’t hear for 2 days!

40,000+ of my closest friends

Lincoln isn’t so little anymore ❤

So all of our kiddos look alike. This is the three of them at 8.5 months old. Lincoln top pictures, Hudson bottom left and Kyler bottom right.

We celebrated Poppa’s birthday

I went to Vegas for work conference. 48 hours total trip time + 7am flights + 3 hour time difference = BRUTAL

Sleeping at breakfast ❤

The kids got to meet STUFF up close and personal for the first time. They love STUFF!

Lincoln and his sweet friend Kate ❤

LiteBrights are still a big hit with the kids…. Kyler loves her!

I had another work conference but this time it was in Orlando at Disney. Work is so tough when you are playing around at Disney 🙂

We celebrated Alyssa’s birthday and Phil was in town!

Arena Ops circa 2010-2016

Hudson loves all things Star Wars so we headed to Hollywood Studios for some Star Wars fun.

Hudson LOVES Storm Troopers so he was set. He had to wear his shirt, shoes, hat, mask and bracelet. He was so excited to see them walking around.

Yeah… they are not fans of Kylo Ren. He still scares them too much.

We headed off to Jedi Training in the 150 degree Florida Sun.

Using the Force!

So intense

Meeting BB-8 ❤

Andddd more Storm Troopers. He had to show him his little trooper toy

After we got stuck in the rain, we headed to Animal Kingdom. Checking out Pandora.

Then went on a safari ride

These sweet 3 year boy gorillas were so fun to watch. They were wrestling and playing around and so funny ❤

Dad was HUGE

Amazing amazing animals

They adored their dad ❤

Hud’s tiger

We spent SO much time at Disney and we were so tired. Relaxing with the kiddos ❤


This past week I have also been able to spend some time with my best friend Jenny, although I wish it was under better circumstances. Jean, may you rest in peace and be pain free. You were an inspirational woman that I always looked up to. Such a fighter, amazing mom and Nana, and best friend to a lot of people. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. ❤


Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

6 Nov

On Halloween, they had party at school and they dressed as Cinderella and Superman. She is so beautiful ❤

He takes his job seriously.

Meanwhile, I blogged and hung out with sleepy Lincoln. I am loving maternity leave so far

His first Halloween

The kids love Star Wars so this year they went as Kylo Ren and Rey from the Force Awakens. Also, since Lincoln joined us before Halloween, he was BB-8. Perfect combo!

Kyler as Rey

Hudson as Kylo Ren

Lincoln as BB-8

We headed out for some trick or treating with the Gilberstons

We weren’t out too long but the kids still had fun!

Most of my day I just spend starring at Lincoln. I love his sweet face.

When he is awake (the very limited time) I try to keep him entertained… for a 2 week old.

Picture day at school for this ham

We are so lucky

Happy Lincoln

Crappy photo but love our family

Oh Lincoln, how your face melts me

This picture cracks me up… Hudson’s little butt in his undies ❤ So proud of him for being potty trained, even at night now! No more pull-ups!

My mini… we have so much fun together

Hudson and his “boy” Lincoln. Hud is the cutest, he calls Lincoln his boy and then gets the playmat out and says he wants to play with him. The cutest.

We celebrated Reese’s 3rd birthday on Saturday and the kids had fun playing with the animals

After the party, we dropped Lincoln off with Grandma and Poppa and took Kyler and Hud to see Trolls. It was super cute and Hudson was so excited that his favorite song, Can’t Stop That Feeling, was in the movie

Kyler drew a picture of the ducks she met. So cute.

Meanwhile, little man just hung out and watched his crazy older brother and sister run around the house

Today, Grandma took Kyler to American Girl Doll store and she picked out a few things early for Christmas. She wanted to be “twinsies” with her doll. She also got a bear Poppy from Build a Bear. She sure is spoiled 🙂

It was a busy week adjusting to a family of five but we are getting the hang of it 🙂 Lincoln is growing fast and fitting right in.

TOTally Obsessed Tuesday

18 Nov

I am back for another week of TOTally Obsessed Tuesday! Just a reminder, this is a new blog series that my bestie Jenn and I came up with! Each week, we will share what we are loving for our little tots. Here is my round up for the week! Be sure to check out what Jenn is loving this week.

1. Melissa and Doug Pancake Set:

I love all of Melissa and Doug’s wooden play food and when I saw they came out with a pancake set, I knew we needed it for the play kitchen!

2. Begin Again Puzzles:

The first one is the Dinosaur A to Z puzzle and the second one is the Animal Parade A to Z puzzle. I love both of these!!

3. Floral Dress from Old Navy

I want this for me. We pair it with a pink scarf and jean jacket and it’s seriously freaking adorable.

4. Star Wars Tee from Old Navy

It’s super cute. Simple enough.

5. Slouch beanie from Harlow Made on Etsy

For the cutest baby hipsters

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