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Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

17 May

I’ts been about 2 weeks since I updated you last so I will pick up where I left off.

The Monday following the cruise, I had a hair appointment. Kyler insisted that she go with me so I figured why not. She ended up getting her first haircut!

She loves being “twinsies” with Mommy

After soccer cruising around Publix

Came back to work to this…. an empty desk… think they were trying to tell me something? Nah, just another birthday prank πŸ™‚


Soccer games are turning into this….. ALL ATTITUDE

The fish is back!

We have been getting in a lot of pool time!

Mommy’s cowboy

Just LOVE this face

K LOVES her cousin Emma

Happy kiddos! (Chris included)

My beauty

My buddy…. such a funny little guy

We loves selfies… No really, Kyler asks for them all the time

Fun times at work!!!

Off to school! Hud the Stud is catching up to big sis!

This guy LOVES to play ball

This weekend consisted of LOTS of pool time and getting the backyard cleaned up

New plants!

This has already been a crazy busy start to the summer and I can’t imagine it slowing down. We are having a blast with the pool and enjoying the sunshine!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

26 Jan

What an awesome weekend! Kyler turned 3 today so we have been celebrating all week!

These two ❀

I love love love snuggling this one

Saturday, we celebrated Kyler’s 3rd birthday with her friends at the Orlando Science Center. Dinosaur style.

Her face says it all ❀ More to come on this party later.

On Sunday, we had a party with our family at my parents house. Again, more to come on that!

Boom. We are three!!

Opening gifts!

Laundry baskets make great walkers!! This one practiced going up and down the hallway

Today, we celebrated K’s birthday at Disney World, her favorite place. This picture was taken at 12:03pm, the exact moment she was born! Happy Birthday, my sweet Bug!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

19 Jan

The week started out with a little house work…new floors! They will be finished tomorrow and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Love watching these 2 interact πŸ™‚

Kyler got her first pair of Hunter boots from her Aunt JJ this week and she loves them!

So much so that she asked to take a selfie with them haha


We had 2 birthday parties to go to on Saturday. First stop was Monkey Joe’s to celebrate Hannah’s 3rd birthday. She and Kyler are 3 days apart!

Kyler is up at the top in the sea of kids. How she is that old to be doing this is beyond me.

Onto the next birthday party!

The next party was at the Fire Station. Yep, a real live Fire Station. I don’t believe they all do it but it the City of Apoka does.

Kyler and her friend Niam from school! We celebrated his 3rd birthday too!

Kyler had a great time playing with her school friends and learning about the Fire Station.

Saturday was the Pats game and this one was ready.

Chris grilled some wings before the game

Sunday afternoon I started coming with a stomach bug so I relaxed on the couch and watched the game. Our Pats were victorious and we are on to the Super Bowl!

Already messing with his big sis πŸ™‚

Goof ball!

I had big plans for my day off, however, thanks for a lovely stomach flu/bug that I am sure one of the kids brought home from school, I laid on the couch the entire day. Just my luck. Looking forward to celebrating Kyler’s 3rd birthday this weekend!!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

11 Jan

The temps dropped enough to breakout the peacoats and boots one morning!

Nothing better then snuggles in bed πŸ™‚

We were able to sneak out of the house Friday night (thanks to my awesome parents) and head to dinner for a friend’s birthday.

We had to clear out the playroom because we have new flooring being installed tomorrow. This one was a bit concerned as to what we were doing with her stuff.

Our Patriots were able to pull out a V this week! (what a stressful game). Our little Brady was cheering them on!

Chilly nights = smores in our house!

Such. A. Mess.

I have decided to start meal planning and preparing as much as I can on Sundays as possible. This meant cooking breakfasts up for the week and getting lunch ready for tomorrow. We have been working out for one week and have been cutting a lot of the processed foods out for the most part. We aren’t ready to go too crazy but trying to stick to a healthy plan for as many meals as possible is a good start! Here is to making some changes that will stick!

Family bike ride up the street to get some Frozen Yogurt! So proud of Kyler, it was 2.5 miles round trip and she did great!

Looking forward to our new floors being installed this week! There will be plenty of upcoming posts about that πŸ™‚ Happy Sunday!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

4 Jan

Well, it’s officially 2015 and the holidays are over. Time to get back to the real world tomorrow!

Starting Hudson off early

Text from hubby reads “Game is over, stop goofing off and come home” with this picture attached

Our New Year’s Eve was spent celebrating the marriage of my friend Jordan! The kids stayed over at my parents and it was nice to get dressed up and head Downtown.

Ringing in the new year!

The happy couple!

The bridge and I (doesn’t she look amazing?!?!)

Congrats again to Jordan and Chris!

The next day, we headed over to the Island to pick up the kids and have dinner with my parents. The princess was knocked out.

My dad loves his golf cart. Not for golfing but for riding around the neighborhood. When I saw these matching shirts, I KNEW that I had to get them.

The pack (our 3 dogs and my parents 5…. it gets quite hectic)

What a good little helper!

He has that face that you just want to squeeze!

Family bike ride!

Poor guy needs his own helmet… sporting big sis’ baby helmet!

Hot tubin’ with my girl. Beer for me and Apple Juice for her πŸ™‚

She’s ready

Curled up and watching a movie with Dad

I hope everyone had a great and safe New Years! Happy 2015 everyone!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons: Christmas Edition

28 Dec

What a fun busy and long week!! I thought I skipped a weekend update but I guess I didn’t…. just a lot of things happened between last week and now!

Visiting the penguins at SeaWorld. My fav πŸ™‚

Shark Tank!

Apparently I have an annoyed teenager… Just look at that face!

I chased this wild child around the big rope net…. I haven’t been on that thing since I was a kid!

She got to meet the Big Man one more time!

Baking cookies for Santa!

Took a break to read Hudson a book ❀

Christmas Eve we went over to my parents house for dinner. Enjoying some Hot Cocoa πŸ™‚

Kyler and Hudson both received a gift and were excited to open them!

Leaving out cookies for Santa!

We are ready for the big day!

Christmas Morning!

Seeing her gifts for the first time…. so happy!

Opening up their gifts!

Kyler testing out her bike from Santa!

Hudson with Great Grandma

She is ready for Christmas dinner!

Kyler and Emma

She loves her cousin Emma!

Helping Dad with the White Elephant gift exchange

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

When did Hudson turn 2? Okay that may be dramatic but he looks so big!

The next day, I had to work but the kids came up and visited. Hudson’s first Magic game!

Side note, I love this photo… haha… she was not too happy

The next morning, I took K for some special Mommy and Kyler time. We hit up Chick-fila breakfast and then got pedicures after!

Yes, you read that right. I went with the intention of just getting her toes painted. I knew they had this cute little kid chairs and just wanted them to put some water in so she could pretend but they told me it had to be a pedicure. I thought “yeah right, good luck” but she surprised me and loved it!

Complete with a leg massage. Seriously.

Such a diva

Afterwards, we went for a bike ride and to my surprise, she was AWESOME at it. So fast!

Actually, so fast that I had to stop back at the house and get my bike to keep up.

While we were out doing all of that, Chris started organizing the garage which was MUCH needed

Little guy wasn’t too far away

Hudson loves his train

Look Mom, one hand!

I love love love my necklace from Three Sisters πŸ™‚

My cousins from North Carolina are in town and we headed back to the Island for a family get together. Kyler and her 2nd cousin Miller (who is only about 10 months older than Kyler) playing. I wish they were able to see each other more because I think they would get along great!


Kyler and her cousin Reid pretending to sleep πŸ™‚

We had an AWESOME holiday week and a great Christmas! It was filled with lots of family time and we made some great memories. Hudson had a great 1st Christmas and is happy to finally have some toys of his own πŸ™‚ I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

15 Dec

Since he has learned to crawl he no longer stays put and hangs out with me. See ya later dude!

Just some coloring with Bug

I crafted a few nights this week. Check out the Pinterest Christmas projects!

Holiday shindig with some of my Magic ladies!

We enjoyed great weather at Chris and my parents work Christmas party!

Getting “elsa-fied”

This girl bounced and bounced for a good 5 hours!

Celebrating Anna’s birthday with her school friends

Dinner and play with our good friends!

Selfies with Kenley ❀

Tired guy… so relaxed and content πŸ™‚

Another super busy week and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon! We are getting excited for Christmas in this house! Are you??

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

7 Dec

We are already a week into December people. That. is. nuts.

At the gun range (eek) with some of my peeps!

This is only my 2nd time firing a gun.

They love each other ❀

Hudson is crawling now!!!!!

We headed down to Downtown Disney to have lunch with my parents and grandparents and to do a little shopping. Kyler had a good time eating lunch at T-Rex

Afterwards, she built her own dinosaur at Build-A-Dino

We got the Christmas lights up today. Hudson had fun watching.

Cutie girl

Helping Dad!

My babes

The girl is too much

And we have lights

Only 18 days left before Christmas! Are you ready????

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons: Thanksgiving Edition

30 Nov

Wow, What a busy busy but really awesome week/weekend!

Kyler was testing out the cars at the store…. I think she found a winner. Doesn’t Hudson look so content πŸ™‚

We had a great Thanksgiving at my Aunt Bun’s house.

People say Kyler is my mini me but she reminds me so much of my mom. They even take pictures the same….

Happy Thanksgiving from our little turkey!

Kyler had a blast playing with her cousins

She loves Emma!

We hit the road bright and early Friday and headed out to Eustis to Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest. You can cut down your own Florida Christmas tree or they have Northern trees to buy as well. We already have a tree so we just went to have some fun and get in the Christmas spirit! It was really chilly out so that helped πŸ™‚

Ran into these guys…. happy they survived Thanksgiving!

Sweet Hudson

The girl rode her first horse and she loved it πŸ™‚

They have a small petting zoo which made this little girl happy.

The Christmas Tree Forest, Florida Style

Happy Holidays!

Me and my girl ❀

My world.

The big guy and Chris πŸ™‚

She loved the horse so much she had to go back

This. Face.

That night, we busted out the decorations and got to work!

She did great hanging the ornaments on the tree this year!

It was a good branch

Putting the tree on the top ❀

We woke up and headed out to Magic Kingdom on Saturday. First time on the Jungle Cruise.

Kyler was NOT into having her photo taken. Beautiful day, great shot in front of the castle and this is what I got.

It’s like they were in on it together

Watch out!

Kyler is finally tall enough to go on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster!

This video is hilarious. I promise, she loved it and asked to go on it again as soon as it finished.

Here we come!

Close up

Loves the horsies

Not having it

Kyler is starting a dance class at school this week. Cutest damn ballerina if I ever saw one!

Kyler helped me out with some Pinterest Christmas crafts today!

So there ya have it. Our super busy Thanksgiving weekend! I had a blast hanging out with my family. I am so thankful for each and every one of them ❀ I hope you had a great and safe Thanksgiving!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

23 Nov

The week started with a trip to the doctor for the little guy. He has had a cold all week and it won’t go away!

Princess Belle Ariel Zarina

Ms. Kyler reading us a book before bed (she said she was the teacher)

The kiddos school pictures came in!

Hudson and I hit up the toy store to pick up some items and decided to swing by and look at the cars. Ya know, just in case Grandma and Poppa decide to get Kyler one for her birthday.

Love hisΒ little rolls!

Staying home and takingΒ care of this sick cutie isn’t so bad πŸ™‚

Saturday Game Day with Brittany! We were so close to a win against Miami. Tough loss for sure.

Enjoying some Keke’s before meeting Santa!

First time getting the Florida Waffle. Not too bad!

We decided to go visit Santa today since the next few weekends are going to be pretty hectic. Plus, I thought we would be able to beat the crowds, however, we got there before the mall opened and still waited a hour to meet Santa. When we left, the line as up to 4 hours! The kids did GREAT! Kyler cried the first year, was shy last year, but she was awesome. Hudson didn’t seem to mind either.

The Mall of Millenia really does Santa pictures right. I am fairly certain their Santa is the REAL Santa. They are so patient with the kids and are miracle workers!

Kyler Bug every year with Santa

Afterwards, we hit up PublixΒ and Hudson rode in the car cart for the first time. So big.

For dinner, I made Shrimp Burritos with Queso inspired by my favorite Mexican place in town, Agave Azul. I loved their Burrito Acapulco and am proud to say it tasted pretty similar!

I am looking to a short work week and a great holiday weekend! We have big plans for Thanksgiving and then decorating for Christmas! LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year!

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