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Hudson: 40 Weeks

4 Jan

Look at this big guy! He is happy as can be! We are starting to head towards 3 big bottles a day and more finger foods so that should be interesting. My goal is off purees by the end of the month but we shall see. He seems to be hungry constantly. I am sure it’s hard business trying to keep up with that growing body.

His gums are super swollen so I imagine within the next couple of weeks we make have some teethers pop out. Oh the joys of teething…. not looking forward to heading down that road again!

Hudson: 39 Weeks

29 Dec

Hudson turned 39 weeks on Saturday! 9 Month update coming soon!!!

Hudson: 38 Weeks

20 Dec

The big guy is 38 weeks! Already! I don’t remember time flying by THIS fast with K…. I look at this picture and wonder how and when did he get this old? He ate pieces of chicken today. Like cut up. Not purred. And he handled it just fine. 😦

He is crawling SO good! He is getting much faster but not fast enough for him. The guy tries to crawl as fast as he can that sometimes he does these little hops to try and push himself forward. Too funny. And of course is already pulling himself up on everything he can. I noticed today that he attempted to sit down on his own (after standing).

Happy 38 bud!

Hudson: 37 Weeks

14 Dec

Hud turned 37 weeks on Saturday. He is as sweet as ever!

He is crawling like a champ and already pulling himself up on things. Apparently he thinks he is pretty big time only holding on with one hand.

❤ ❤ ❤

Hudson: 36 Weeks

6 Dec

The big guy is 36 weeks! The biggest news is that he started to crawl! He isn’t very fast yet but he is definitely crawling now. Go Hudson!

This happy guy is still dealing with a runny nose and a cough but I am relating the nose to teething. He has been a bit more sensitive these days and his gums are starting to swell so I am thinking that is why.

He must have gone through a growth spurt because he seems much bigger to me! Happy 36 weeks Huddy!

Hudson: 35 Weeks/Eight Months

30 Nov

Hudson turned 35 weeks/8 months yesterday! He is still happy as can be. Yesterday, he took a few “crawls” and is starting to get his coordination between his legs and his arms. Fun times ahead!!!

We are starting to introduce more and more finger foods. Today, he had scrambled egg yolks and did okay with that. He didn’t mind the taste but he is still figuring out the textures. He loves yogurt melts and Happy Baby Rice Cakes. He has slowed down on his milk intake which is fine by me!

He is so much fun now! I think he will get into a lot when he is really up and moving. He has been scooting over to me and pulling himself up on my fingers for a couple weeks now. He loves to watch crazy Kyler scream and run around the house. Only a matter of time before he joins her! We are spending more time on the floor now and less time in the bouncer so I think we will be retiring that soon. He just wanted to be on his belly all day (to practice his crawling). He is really starting to love bath time now. He likes to splash around and chew on the toys.

He was a sick little guy this past month. He had RSV and then about 2 weeks later caught a nasty cold. Here is to a healthy month! Happy 8 months sweet boy!

Hudson: 34 Weeks

22 Nov

This red nose cutie is still battling a cold. We have been to the doctor’s twice, however, it is just a bad cold apparently. He is still 21 pounds. Funny how the first few months this boy was packing on the weight like crazy but now it has slowed to a trickle. I’m not complaining, he is still my little squishy 🙂

Hudson is still not crawling, however, is showing signs of trying to pull himself up. I hope he doesn’t think he can just skip the crawling stage because that’s not happening. Still, he gets around pretty well.

He is eating more and more finger foods. He loves yogurt melts and baby rice cakes and is still obsessed with puffs. He isn’t sure what to do with peas and just leaves them in his mouth. Gross. I do need to step up my games to soft fruits like pears and make him some sweet potato cubes. In time people.

He is still not the greatest sleeper like his big sis was but he is MUCH better. I get more and more full nights of sleep now which is definitely helping me out. This cold has knocked him back a bit but I don’t blame him.

Hudson: 33 Weeks

16 Nov

The beast is 33 weeks. He is still not crawling but that’s okay. He is having fun doing yoga moves and still gets where he needs to go. I might as well enjoy this time because I have a feeling that he is going to get into everything once he is moving. Poor guy has seemed to catch yet another cold so he is a bit cranky. Another trip to the doctor’s may be in our future.

Hudson: 32 Weeks

8 Nov

This wiggle worm is 32 weeks! He is SO close to crawling and all he wants to do is flip to his belly to practice. Should be any day now!

Hudson: 31 Weeks

2 Nov

So hard to believe Hudson is 31 weeks old already.

The poor guy has caught another cold and isn’t feeling the best.

Lots of snuggles for him this weekend!

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